Morbius 2 Is Coming Soon – Check out the Confirmed Cast, Plot and Release Date Here Now!

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Despite Morbius’ impressive theatrical debut, Sony has yet to confirm a release date for the sequel. With total worldwide earnings of just $167.5 million, it’s questionable whether or not we will ever see the follow-up movie that fans were hoping for.

The movie’s critical reception was so poor that not even a re-release could save it from becoming an internet joke. Nevertheless, Matt Smith took the film’s failure in stride; after all, we’re only creating a motion picture and not helping people to survive.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as expected, and I’m still unsure of the cause. In August 2022, he proclaimed, “It is what it is. There’s no doubt that a sequel will follow shortly after the first release, and this isn’t just about having a Spider-Man crossover movie.”

A sequel could yet materialize, though, if Sony so desires. To that end, here is all you need to know about Morbius 2 Confirmed Release Date.

Morbius 2 Confirmed Release Date: When Can We Expect Morbius 2?

As mentioned above, Morbius 2 has yet to be confirmed; Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man are candidates for a sequel where either could act as allies or adversaries of Morbius. While anything is possible, it remains to be seen if any such collaboration will occur shortly. So there isn’t an official release date.

Sony has a busy couple of years ahead with its Marvel projects beginning with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on June 2, 2023, making it difficult to see where the sequel can slot in at this time.

Kraven the Hunter, El Muerto, and Madame Web, all Spider-Man spinoffs, are scheduled to debut on October 6, 2023, January 12, 2024, and February 16, 2024, respectively. Additionally, Venom 3 is confirmed but has no set release date.

It’s possible that even if confirmation comes soon, we won’t see Morbius 2 until at least 2024. However, if we do learn more, we will let you know.

Morbius 2 Cast: Who Is Returning?

We have every reason to believe that Jared Leto will reprise his role as Dr Michael Morbius even though no formal casting announcements have been made for Morbius 2, which has not yet been confirmed.

Undoubtedly, Adria Arjona will join him in his portrayal of the vampire version of Martine Bancroft. Unfortunately, Dr Nicholas & Milo cannot return to us because they have already passed away in Morbius. We are hoping and praying for the return of Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud – Morbius’s sworn enemy from comics – or Al Madrigal as FBI partner Alberto Rodriguez too!

Get Ready! Morbius 2 Is Coming Soon - Check Out The Confirmed Cast, Plot And Release Date Here Now!

As Gibson described, Stroud is signed for three movies. Thus, we may assume that he could appear in upcoming films. Additionally, Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes was featured at the end of Morbius, so it can be assumed that he will return to the MCU until proven differently. The collaboration between Morbius and Toomes opens up a new world of opportunities for Sinister Six – who knows what awaits us?!

Could we expect to see Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man team up or face off against Morbius in a sequel? Anything is possible, but whether the stars align for this incredible event remains speculation.

Fan speculation that Andrew Garfield’s version of Spider-Man inhabits this universe persists despite director Daniel Espinosa’s reticence.

What Can We Expect From The Plot Of Morbius 2?

The demise of Martine Bancroft and the Vulture’s allusion to the Sinister Six present two storylines with immense potential for season expansion. To compel Morbius into combat, Milo abducts Martine; only moments before Morbius arrives, he kills her and discards her lifeless body as an ominous message.

With the antibodies he created, Morbius was then able to kill Milo. The scene quickly changed to where Martine had been laid – and we saw her awaken for the first time as a vampire, something fans of comic books would likely have seen coming.

While Martine’s exact species of vampire remains unclear, the movie promises to be an exciting adaptation of its comic book source material. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to reveal any insight into whether or not they will commit to this project – leaving us all in suspense!

Is There A Trailer For Morbius 2?

Since it has not been officially announced that Morbius 2 would be made, filming has not started, and any new footage will be in the future. But you can enjoy the trailer of Morbius Part 1:

YouTube video

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