‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2’s Big Twist Explained By Sam Esmail, Complete Info!

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If you’re a Mr. Robot fan, this is the article for you! We all know that Season 2 of Mr. Robot was pretty intense, but did you know there was an even bigger twist than what we saw on TV? Sam Esmail, creator and executive producer of the show, has revealed to us exactly what happened in season 2’s big twist!

‘Mr. The Big Twist in ‘Robot’ Season 2 Is Explained by Sam Esmail

A significant twist was revealed last night on the thirteenth episode of, ‘eps2.5h4ndshake. sme,’ which left some viewers dissatisfied and others believing it was obvious all along. I was looking for a little more insight into the series’ intentions and reactions after watching this episode, so I sat down with Corey Atad, who has already written an in-depth analysis of it.

It should be emphasized that the following article contains major plot details for seasons 2 through last night’s episode ‘eps2.5h4ndshake.sme,’ including significant spoilers for up to season 2.’ Please bookmark this post for a later date if you haven’t seen the August 17 episode yet.

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The Big Mr. Robot Season 2 Twist

In the season 2 finale, ‘eps2.5h4ndshake.sme,’ a major revelation is made that much of what we’ve seen from Elliot’s tale this season was not as it seemed.

Most viewers will be furious that the show has fooled them, and it even acknowledges this. Please don’t be irritated with me for too long, Elliot says. This is the last time I’ll keep anything from you. I promise.” We can’t accept that promise because this has always been a show about an unreliable narrator. It’s usually not necessary to include every single detail about a series in its summary.

Rami Malek revealed to IndieWire in July that he was “completely surprised” upon learning about the second season’s narrative.

Sam Esmail, the mind behind ‘Mr. Robot,’ tells Hitfix that he is not aiming for “gotcha moments” or “shocking people,” but rather for “interesting reveals and expanding and enhancing Elliot’s experience.”

In an interview with Collider, Esmail said that the twist was inspired by how we’ve seen the character manage issues in the past and, more significantly, that he now feels betrayed by us after having trusted us during the first season.

We’ll figure out what happened to Elliot in jail; Esmail promises, ‘That will be revealed in a few episodes.’

So, for the time being, we’ll have to try to solve it on our own. The first six episodes of the season demonstrated Elliot’s attempt to live off the grid and avoid society’s madness. However, it turns out he’s actually been behind bars the whole time. Why Elliot is incarcerated remains a mystery. It is suggested that Elliot will be released from prison soon, implying that he was not imprisoned for a significant crime such as leading the E Corp hack.

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Elliot was depicted as having moved in with his mother and continuing a monotonous routine in order to weaken the power of Mr. Robot. When he’s not attending his therapy or group sessions, Elliot spends most of his time hanging with his old neighborhood friend Leon ( Joey Bada$$ ) in a shitty diner and on the local basketball court. In the previous episode, it was learned that Leon is another convict who is defending Elliot for Dark Army hacker Whiterose ( BD Wong ). ‘We were told that the first five minutes of Episode 1 would be released to the press,’ says Zaman. ‘As for Whiterose, “Whiterose is the real person; Minister Zhang is just a mask.”‘

'Mr. Robot' Season 2

Joey Bada$$ read about the major twist in the episode table read for the first time. The actor-turned-rapper explains how he thinks Leon became involved with the Dark Army in GQ.

The Problem with Isolating the Main Character

The main issue with the prison setup is that it removes Elliot from the narrative and isolates him from the rest of the characters and wider narrative. Elliot’s apparent inaction enraged fans. However, Esmail thinks that ‘it was critical for Elliot to solve this internal problem he developed at the end of the first season – a conflict over a secret alter ego that he can’t manage.’

Is Ray a Real Prison Guard?

While selling t-shirts at a street fair, Elliot meets Ray (Craig Robinson), who befriends him and convinces him to assist with his website. Elliot attempts to contact Darlene and write software that society will use to hack the FBI in this episode. This is probably how it all went down, with Elliot using Ray’s internet-connected computer to contact and assist Darlene. It’s only natural for Elliot to use this opportunity to interact with the rest of the world.

When he looks where he shouldn’t, he finds out that Ray is running a black market website selling drugs, weapons, and sex slaves. We must assume that Ray is a guard at the prison who is running a black market trade ring at this time.

Elliot is assaulted by Ray’s goons, and he has a sickly humorous dream before waking up in a hospital bed (most likely the prison’s hospital ward). Held captive in a small torture room by Ray’s thugs (most likely solitary), Elliot is forced to help him fix the website. Elliot informs the FBI, who arrive promptly to arrest Ray. We may only suppose that Elliot informed the authorities about whatever illicit business he was engaged in.

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When Ray’s surgery is concluded, the neighborhood is upset. We learn in this scene that Leon fought off a group of thugs who intended to harm Elliot with a knife and that he took down the white supremacist gang by using a shank.

Guessing the Twists

Many fans have been waiting for the huge surprises in the second season, particularly after all of the major twists from the first season. While I didn’t realize it, many die-hard fans correctly guessed that Elliot was incarcerated or institutionalized. The producers of “Mr. Robot” are aware that the audience is beginning to second-guess the series, but they explain why it’s necessary.

Is Tyrell Wellick Really Dead?

But where is Tyrell Wellick now? Elliott’s alter ego, Mr. Robot, was even seen on the phone earlier in the season, greeted on the other end by Tyrell. In one episode, Joanna gets a phone call from someone breathing heavily, who we were to believe was Tyrell. In this episode, we meet Mr. Elliot discovers that Robot informed him that he murdered Tyrell. Is this information trustworthy? ‘That’s a fantastic question,’ Seyed acknowledged.

The second season of Mr. Robot, which is set to premiere on the USA Network on July 13 at 10 p.m., will explore Elliot’s internal struggle further in its narrative, according to creator Sam Esmail. “We’re going to continue to focus on Elliot’s personal journey,” he says. If I had to put money on it, I’d wager that Tyrell is still alive and that Mr. Elliot is being told a lie by the robot. After all, wouldn’t it assist the series’ main conflict in progressing?

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