Netflix has confirmed Santo season 1 release date! What to expect?

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Netflix Has Confirmed Santo Season 1 Release Date!  What To Expect?

Santo is the first Netflix original production from Brazil and Spain, will be shot primarily in Salvador de Bahia and Madrid. Ral Arévalo (Antidisturbios, The Fury of a Patient Man, Black Beach), Bruno Gagliasso (O Sétimo Guardia, Sol naciente, Babilônia), Victoria Guerra and Greta Fernandez are the stars of the series, which was developed by Carlos López (Hache , El Principe, La Embajada).

When will Santo season 1 premiere on Netflix? Everything we know so far!

Nostromo Pictures produced the Santo TV series for Netflix. Since its foundation in 2010, Nostromo Pictures has made more than 20 domestic and foreign feature films.

These include the Fernando González Molina directed Palm Trees in the Snow, the Rodrigo Cortés film Red Lights with Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro, the Eugenio Mira film Grand Piano with Elijah Wood and John Cusack, the Rodrigo Cortés- movie Blackwood with Anna Sophia Robb and Uma Thurman.

It released the critically acclaimed Rodrigo Cortés film Love Gets a Room in 2021, as well as the hugely successful Through My Window on Netflix, which took third place among non-English language films in its first 28 days of release.

A través del mar, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Netflix movie Through My Window, is now in production, while Rich Flu, the upcoming movie from director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia (The Platform) and starring Rosamund Pike and Daniel Brühl, is currently in pre-production. Both the highly anticipated Los renglones torcidosde Dios by Oriol Paulo and the Netflix series Santo, created by Carlos López, have yet to be released.

The company’s projects have been nominated for 18 Goya, Forqué, Sant Jordi and Méliés awards, among others, and have been featured at major international festivals, including Sundance, Toronto, San Sebastian and Venice.

Everything you need to know about Santo TV Series 2022 Release Date

Santo 2022 is a Netflix original series in Spanish, has received its first teaser and release date. Santo, an international action thriller series, will hit Netflix on September 16. A fascinating crime, action and suspense thriller series with elements of fear, Santo. It depicts the story of Santo, the most wanted drug dealer in the world, whose identity remains a mystery.

The two pursuing police officers, Cardona (Bruno Gagliasso) and Millán (Ral Arévalo), are polar opposites at first, but they will have to learn to work together to solve the case and stay alive. This Netflix original series was written by Miguel Angel Fernández (Tiempos de guerra, Desaparecidos) and Gustavo Lipsztein (Travesa Mortal, Losing my Marbles). It is directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego (Néboa, La zone) and produced by Nostromo . Photos.

CreatorCarlos Lopez
starsRaul Arevalo
Victoria Guerrac
Greta Fernandez
GenresAction, Crime, Thriller
Official siteNetflix
LanguagesSpanish, Portuguese
Production companyNostromo . Photos
Publication dateSeptember 16, 2022

Santo Release date 2022

Santo season 1 will debut on Netflix’s OTT service on September 16, 2022. Santo’s release date has been officially announced, we expect it to arrive in September.

Santo TV series Storyline

It tells the story of two police officers from two different countries who cross paths while chasing an unknown mutual opponent. Santo is the most wanted drug dealer in the world whose identity has never been made public. Cardona and Millán, two police officers chasing him, are initially diametrically opposed, but they will have to learn to work together and understand each other to solve the case and stay alive.


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Where to watch Santo season 1?

The online streaming service Netflix offers the Santo TV series to watch. There are no formal announcements regarding Santo’s release. However, according to the source, it will be released on September 16, 2022. If it gets published, it will on Netflix.

Santo TV Series 2022 Cast

Ral Arévalo (Antidisturbios, The Fury of a Patient Man, Black Beach) and Bruno Gagliasso (O Sétimo Guardio, Rising Sun, Ambitious Women) are the subject of ongoing cast rumors for Santo. The cast is completed by Mara Vázquez (Eye for an Eye, Mara y los demás), Greta Fernández (Elisa & Marcela, A Thief’s Daughter), Luiz Felipe Lucas (Jailers, Confisses Médicas) and Victoria Guerra (Auga seca, 3 mulheres ) .

The social media conversations about Santo Season 1

Carlos Lopez is making the series and according to a tweet from fans, fans are very excited about the Santo teaser: “I am anxiously waiting for the day when television and movies will have more color. It has been way too long and Brazil is a country with a wide variety of cultures. But this trailer is quite encouraging. Good cast”.

Another fan is very pleased with the time and work put into the series. Since the series focuses on a drug dealer, several fans claim it reminds them of Pablo Escobar. Supporter added: “Spanish movies get better every year! Netflix, keep going! But series, especially the limited ones, play on your strengths.” As the end draws near, it’s clear that fans of The Santo are excited about the upcoming series.

What can we expect from Santo TV series?

The Santo is modeled after a drug dealer whose identity is unknown. To solve the crime and protect their lives, the two opposing police officers chasing him, Millán and Cardona, must learn to work together. Santo is the most wanted narco in Brazil and a murderer, but no one has ever seen his face. To help identify him, authorities collected images that resembled Santo’s face.

To his followers, The Santo is more of a parent than a drug dealer. Vicente Amorim is the director of the Spanish thriller/crime film The Santo. The series, which featured entirely original material from Brazil and Spain, was largely shot in Salvador de Bahia and Madrid. We can be sure that The Santo will please their fans who are concerned about the series. People who like to watch exciting crime themed movies will definitely love this series because the whole series revolves around a drug dealer and his life.

Santo TV series Episode Guide

The official episode guide to this upcoming crime drama series has not yet been released. However, the episodes of The Santo Season 1 are expected to have an average runtime of about forty minutes to fifty minutes and there will be eight episodes in total. All episodes will be released in one go on the online television streaming platform Netflix.

The official release date of the episodes has not yet been announced by the creators, but the series is expected to be released in the month of September on 16 of the year 2022.

Santo Trailer 2022

The Santo Spanish TV series 2022 teaser is quite intriguing for their fans as the trailer shows a drug dealer who also happens to be a murderer in the city of Brazil. The city’s police officers are looking for him, even though they haven’t even seen him; they can only guess based on specific images. The main cast of the series includes Greta Ferandez, Thomas Aquino, Victoria Guerra, Bruno Gagliasso and Raul Arevalo.

The Santo Season 1 trailer is excellent for anyone who enjoys watching crime or suspenseful television. Santo, the first Spanish fiction film made between Spain and Brazil and produced by Nostromo Pictures for Netflix, will debut on September 16, according to a recent announcement from Netflix.

The official Santo trailer, which will be available on Netflix on August 31, 2022, is available at the link below.

YouTube video

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