Police Arrested the Parents of the Alleged Shooter of a School in Detroit, Michigan, after Discovering Their Vehicle Nearby

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TROY, Michigan — Two hours after a concerned citizen reported seeing their car, James and Jennifer Crumbley, the parents of the Oxford High School shooting suspect, were arrested in Detroit early on Saturday morning.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe confirmed that “yes, they are both in custody and will be on their way to the Oakland County Jail soon.” Thank you to all of the agencies that helped, including the Detroit Police Department.

A search for the Crumbleys, who has been charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths at a high school in Michigan, has been going on since about noon on Friday. A suburban Detroit high school student, Ethan Crumbley, 15, has been charged with killing four students and injuring seven others on Tuesday.
The Crumbleys failed to appear at their arraignment in Rochester Hills, Michigan, on Friday afternoon. There was a reward offered by the U.S. Marshals Service for information leading to their capture.

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As part of its investigation, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office focused on tracking down the Crumbleys, the family suspected of the shootings. McCabe stated that the vehicle was discovered around 11:30 p.m. on Friday.

Police Arrested The Parents Of The Alleged Shooter Of A School In Detroit

If you see a car in the back parking lot, you know it’s not yours, so you go investigate, according to Detroit Free Press reporter Mike McCbeaver for USA TODAY Network.

Using information provided by law enforcement, the building’s owner recognized the vehicle, checked the license plate, and called 911.

The Crumbleys had been arrested by 1:45 a.m.

Involuntary manslaughter charges were filed against James and Jennifer Crumbley after Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald claimed the firearm was purchased as a Christmas present for their son.

A lieutenant with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office stated that the parents were not in custody during a hearing that began around noon. As of Friday evening, the Oakland County Fugitive Team and a number of other organizations were actively looking for the couple.

Following an arrest, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard stated, “The action of fleeing and ignoring their attorney certainly adds weight to the charges.” “They have no choice but to face the consequences of their actions.”

However, the family’s lawyers insisted that the couple was not evading authorities and were returning to the area after briefly leaving the town amid the commotion surrounding the tragedy.

“As a precautionary measure, the Crumbleys left town that tragic night. They will be arraigned in the area again “Smith and Mariell Lehman, their legal representatives, said this.

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At a press conference on Friday, McDonald said that when the parents of the school shooter, Crumbley, were summoned to the school because of a disturbing drawing their son had made of a gun, they failed to inquire about where the gun was kept in an unlocked drawer.

McDonald said the investigation revealed that Ethan Crumbley had made online posts about the firearm and researched ammunition while still in high school. After the meeting with his parents, she said, he was allowed to return to class on the day of the shooting.

McDonald said, “The facts of this case are so egregious.”

Experts say it’s rare to bring charges against a shooter’s parents in such a high-profile case as the one in Michigan.

By law, he’s going to be imprisoned for the rest of his life: What do charges of murder and terrorism mean?

Investigators described the killing spree carried out by Crumbley as deliberate and methodical, and he was charged as an adult with murder, terrorism, and other offenses on Wednesday.

Speaking about possible charges against school officials, McDonald stated that the investigation was still ongoing.

In addition to the shooter, “there are others who contributed to the events on November 30, and it’s my intention to hold them accountable as well,” she said.

On Friday, we learned the following:

Attorney: The gun was a Christmas gift.

On the day of the shooting, McDonald held a press conference where he explained how Ethan Crumbley came into possession of the gun and other indicators that something was amiss.

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Ethan Crumbley was present when McDonald’s father purchased the 9mm Sig Sauer SP 2022 on November 26th, according to McDonald. This weapon was called “beautiful” by Crumbley’s younger brother on social media the same day. “Mom and son day testing out his new Christmas present,” McDonald said in a subsequent post.

Schools and parents in the Detroit area are on high alert due to a spate of copycat threats.

Schools across the country closed their doors on Thursday as a precautionary measure in the wake of social media copycat threats.

Police in Southfield, Michigan, arrested a 17-year-old high school student on Thursday after he was found with a semi-automatic pistol. Oxford’s South Lake High School, about 45 miles away, also received a bomb threat, prompting an investigation.

At a press conference convened specifically to address the hundreds of alleged copycat threats, Bouchard promised that “we’re going to find you” if you’re making them. As a parent, teacher, and member of the community, I find it ridiculous that you’re stoking their fears and passions in the face of a real tragedy.

There are also threats being investigated by the FBI and the Secret Service.

False threats of terrorism are a 20-year felony, and malicious use of a telephone is a misdemeanor, according to McDonald.

Parents, on the other hand, must tread a fine line between protecting their children and affecting their mental and emotional well-being.

Jill Dillon, 51, said she felt like she was going to vomit as she dropped her 14-year-old son off at school on Wednesday morning. The thought of taking him to a safe place made her feel sick. “Is he really going to be safe?” she wondered.

The most terrifying part, according to 14-year-old freshman David Roden of Northville High School, which remained open on Thursday, was the uncertainty of what was real and what wasn’t.

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“Everyone was on high alert. It’s strange to be so close to the action, you know? “he stated.

There is a steady rise in the number of fake Instagram accounts.

Early on, fake social media accounts purporting to be the 15-year-old accused of the Oxford High School shooting began popping up, with threats of additional shootings and plans for revenge being made before his name had even been released by law enforcement.

False information spread via deceptive social media accounts is a common problem following mass shootings, but direct threats may lead to criminal charges.

Lieutenant Mike Shaw of the Michigan State Police said: “Unfortunately, the poor taste is not against the law.

According to Cliff Lampe, a professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, it is unlikely that any social media accounts that documented Crumbley’s alleged criminal activity are still active.

Lampe said that inactive threat situations, the social media accounts of alleged perpetrators are taken down anonymously. Either their own algorithms or law enforcement notifies the platforms.

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According to Lampe, the tendency of social media platforms to “disappear in the night” some user accounts can help fuel the growth of these fake accounts.” While this practice is common online, he said, “sock puppets” would continue to be set up.

As long as the internet has existed, “sock puppet accounts and spoof accounts have been a part of the internet’s culture,” Lampe said.

Police Arrested The Parents Of The Alleged Shooter Of A School In Detroit,

In the words of Detroit Free Press reporter Ashley Nerbovig:

Contributors: Darcie Moran; Tyler J. Davis, Phoebe Wall Howard; Elisha Anderson; Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press; AP

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