Reacher Season 2: Update on Potential Release Date and Plot

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Reacher Season 2 is coming!

Ever since the finale of Reacher’s Season One, fans have been dying to know what will head-on in the next season or if there is another installment to look forward to.

And yes, Amazon’s adaptation of Lee Child’s book will return for a second season.

Lee Child is the author who has published 26 novels in his ongoing thriller series along with multiple short stories and novellas following his big, burly hero. He is very efficient as he releases a book once a year.

Amazon’s new series Reacher has inspired the first book, The Killing Floor. Now, do you have any guess what the second season might be?

The Plot of Reacher 

Reacher Season 2 Confirmed

Reacher is a series based on Lee CHild’s first Jack Reacher novel titled Killing Floor. 

It follows the story of the police investigator fresh out of the military as he turns up in the small town of Georgia to find a community dealing with its first murder in 20 years. 

Later on, the cops immediately arrest Reacher and the eyewitnesses claiming to place Reacher at the crime scene. As the story continues, a deep-seated conspiracy begins to emerge. 

According to reports, the first season of Reacher ranked as the top five most-watched series ever, both in the US and globally, over 24 hours, which is why a season 2 was decided!

Reacher Season 2: Release Date

Luckily, Prime Video has officially announced a renewal for the second season of Reacher just three days after the first one’s premiere.

With the announcement being early from the producers, we can assume that the second season will arrive by 2023! Let’s wait for more updates on the exact official release date. 

Reacher Season 2: Cast 

Reacher Season 2 is still in the making and production, and we cannot say for sure who might be part of the cast.

Reacher Season 2 Confirmed

However, we are sure that Alan Ritchson will be returning as Jack Reacher. He mentioned during the announcement of Season 2, “If we could wrap this up when I’m 74 or 75, I’d be happy.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Aside from Alan being back for Season 2, here are the original cast that was part of the first season. 

  • Maxwell Jenkins plays the young Reacher
  • Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay
  • Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin
  • Chris Webster as KJ
  • Bruce McGill as Grover Teale
  • Maria Sten as Frances Neagley
  • Willie C. Carpenter as Mosley
  • Harvey Guillén 
  • Gavin White and Christopher Russell 
  • Leslie Fray as Josephine Reacher
  • Matthew Marsden as Stan Reacher
  • Hugh Thompson as Baker
  • Jonathan Koensgen as Stevenson,
  • AJ Simmons as Dawson
  • Marc Bendavid as Paul Hubble
  • Patrick Garrow as Spivey
  • Kristin Kreuk as Charlene “Charlie” Hubble,
  • Currie Graham as Kliner Sr.
  • Martin Roach as Picard

We may get to see them back for Season 2, or who knows. We’ll be having more new cast to join the second installment of Reacher! 

Reacher Season 2: Plot – What will the show be about? 

As we expect the series to be, the story will be adapted again from lee Child’s book. The question here is, what book will it adapt its story from? 

We can assume that since the first installment started with the first book, it’s entirely possible that the second season could be about the second book, 1998’s Die Trying.

The second book is set in Chicago and opens with Reacher and an FBI agent kidnapped. However, we cannot tell for sure unless we have heard from the creators. After all, there are other Reacher books to choose from! 

Keep posted and tuned for more updates. 

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