Rhodes to the Top Season 2 Update- Renewed for new season

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Rhodes to the Top was made known to the public in March and was promoted for half a year before it premiered in September. This reality show truth portrays behind the stage look on AEW, with guest appearances from other AEW stars including Pres10 Vance, QT Marshall, Ricky Starks, Darby Allin, Jade Cargill, Red Velvet, and numerous others. Rhodes to the Top likewise centered around the individual lives of both Brandi and Cody, as the two explored the change prodded by the introduction of their first kid. See below Rhodes to the Top Season 2 Update.

Release Date of Rhodes to the Top Season 2

The announcement of the second season of Rhodes to the Top came from Dave Meltzer. The series will be back for the second season. Although there is no official date shared yet regarding its release. This show is the first reality series based on AEW. The first season had six episodes and started to air in September 2021. The series airs on TNT but Shed Media produces the show for Warner Bros. Extemporaneous Television. The series has a viewership of about 360,000 per episode. This is produced and directed by Dan Pierson, Lisa Shannon, Bernie Cahill, and Jon Kanak.

About Rhodes to the Top

About Rhodes To The Top

This reality show is based on wrestling figure Cody Rhodes following closely with him and his wife, Brandi. The show mainly revolves around their experience as they go through parenthood and balance it with their wrestling careers.

Fans get to see in season one how they interact with their colleagues in the wrestling industry. Viewers of the show get to listen closely to conversations among wrestlers and share their fears regarding the sport. One episode wherein Ricky Starks was shown to have suffered from a spinal injury that left him out of the sport for months.

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Cast and Guests of Rhodes to the Top Season 2

Cast And Guests

 The show revolves around the day-to-day life of Cody and Brandi. Besides their professional life, fans get to follow closely Brandi’s journey on being a first-time parent. Stars can also see multiple AWE stars as guests on the show such as Ricky Starks, Tony Khan, Jade Cargill, and

Season 1 Recap

Season 1 Recap

Episode Number Episode Name Summary
1 You Can’t Unsee That S… Cody faces a major challenge with an enthusiastic live promotion. Brandi and Cody are eager to have their first kid on the way, yet their family seems to not be enthusiastic. Will their mood damper Brandi’s baby shower?
2 Slap in the Face Cody mentors Ricky Starks through his most nerve-wracking wrestling career moment yet. Brandi attempts to put a stop on Jade and Red Velvet’s fight. Family pressures loom over Brandi’s child shower.
3 Off the Rails While heading to Double or Nothing, the greatest AEW occasion of the year, Cody and Brandi have their very own fight; Cody’s weigh-in with Anthony Ogogo is a disaster.
4 Double or Nothing A fatigued Cody opened up with wrestling legend, Eric Bischoff, however, will his injury on the back take steps to wreck his enormous Double or Nothing match? Likewise, with her due date quickly drawing closer, Brandi battles with taking a pause on her career.
5 Contracts and Contractions Brandi goes eye to eye with the skeptics in Cody’s family; Cody prepares his Nightmare Factory students for their AEW debuts; Their baby, Liberty, at last makes her introduction.
6 Cross Rhodes As they wrestle with being unseasoned parents, Brandi starts preparing for her return at work, yet clashes with Cody on how to do so. Cody’s new competition with Malakai Black makes them question his future.

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If you want to have a sneak peek at the series, take a look at the season 1 trailer of Rhodes to the Top.

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