Russian Doll Season 2 Return is Confirmed: Release Date, Plot and Casts

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Charles kenny
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Back in 2019, Netflix had announced the renewal of Russian Doll Season 2 and it’s finally coming to reality!

The series, which is actually one of Netflix’s best-reviewed shows, captured the hearts of the viewer’s thanks to the cast’s great acting and of course, its irresistible and entertaining plot. That is why fans all have their hopes high on the upcoming Season 2 of Russian Doll.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming second installment of the series.

Russian Doll Season 2: Plot

Netflix'S Russian Doll Season 2

When it comes to the biggest shows on Netflix maybe Stranger Things or The Witcher comes to mind, but hey, Russian Doll is worth the mention too.  If you have been looking for another series to watch, you can definitely start with this one.

Charlie Barnett, who is also one of the main cast of Russian Doll alongside Nadia, revealed that the next season is going to be different from the first one.

After the finale of Season 1, it’s been difficult for the fans to actually speculate and figure out what might happen in the next season. And this is where the excitement grew. Thankfully, Natasha Lyonne will still be part of the Russian Doll!

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Casts to Join the Second Season

Although there is no official announcement regarding the return of Lyonne as Nadia for the series, it is expected that she will be back because she has been involved with the show. You might have missed this but Lyonne is actually the co-creator and executive producer for the Russian Doll.

Of course, we are also expecting new faces in the upcoming season. Although we do not have an idea where the story would go, we have an idea who Nadia will meet this season!

New Casts to Join

Netflix announced on Twitter that Annie Murphy will be joining the cast of Russian Doll Season 2. Murphy is known for her breakout role in Schitt’s Creek and Kevin Can F**k Himself.

It was also reported that Caroyln Michelle Smith who is known for her roles in House of Cards and Luke Cage is cast for Russian Doll Season 2.  Sharlto Copley will also be joining the second season of Russian Doll as well.

Now, we really can’t hide our excitement and wait for the show to air.

Release Date

Upcoming Russian Doll Season 2 Confirmed

We know that it’s been a long time since 2019, which was when the last episode of Season 1 was aired.  As of this writing, January 2022, that’s a long gap from then. Russian Doll Season 2 actually resumed filming in March 2021, after a one-year delay yet it is understandable given the lockdowns and COVID-19 situation.

Now that we’re in 2022, the setback encountered by the cast, production team, and fans is finally ending.  But when will the series really premiere?

Netflix hasn’t given an exact date when the series will air, but hopefully, we can get more updates soon. We can also assume that it will be airing this February 2022 (fingers crossed).

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