Shetland Season 7 Release Date: Latest Updates!

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Shetland Season 7: Shetland is a Scottish television drama series that debuted on television on March 10, 2013. The series has now aired six seasons throughout its eight-year existence.

Shetland is a criminal drama series on BBC One based on Ann Cleeves’ popular novel series. It tells the story of Jimmy Perez, a criminal detective while he and his colleagues investigate several crimes in the Scottish Shetland Islands. A sequence of adventures, twists, turns, and discoveries ensue throughout the season.

With the cliffhanger left by Shetland, fans have been anticipating and asking for Season 7. Fortunately, BBC listened!

Here’s what we know so far about Shetland Season 7.

Shetland Season 7 Release Date

If you have seen the show, you probably know that it is a fantastic combination of crime, thriller, and mystery on a tiny island which is why the fans cannot get enough of it.

Season 7 has already begun its filming, meaning the show is already confirmed to have its seventh installment. It was announced through a tweet by Douglas Henshall.

However, we do not have an exact official release date as of the moment.

Although, based on the series’s timeline throughout its six seasons, if the filming goes well and does not experience delays, we can assume that Shetland Season 7 might be released by the fall of 2022.

Shetland Season 2 Expected Plot

Just like any other viewer and fan, you might be curious about the storyline of Shetland Season 2.

Shetland Season 7 Updates

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When Shetland was first aired, it was a thriller drama with a band of detectives. As it moves forward, the plot has gotten broader and more compelling.

Spoiler Alert!

During Season 6, Jimmy is already torn apart by the hardships he was encountering, including his father’s dementia and his quest to solve a murder. He also dealt with his mother’s death and how Galbraith was murdered outside his house. He was accused at the finale of killing Donna Killick as well.

What’s next for Jimmy? We might be able to get the answer to this by the time Shetland Season 7 air.

Shetland Season 2 Expected Cast

We do not have the exact list of cats for Shetland Season 2 yet. But still, we can assume that the original cast and members from Season 1 down to Season 6 will be back to play their original roles.

Shetland Season 7 Updates

Among these casts which might be part of Season 7 are:

  • Douglas Henshall as Jimmy Pérez
  • Alison O’Donnell as Alison MacIntosh
  • Steven Robertson as Sandy Wilson
  • Mark Bonnar as Duncan Hunter
  • Julie Graham as Rhona Kelly
  • Lewis Howden as Billy McCabe
  • Erin Armstrong as Cassie Pérez
  • Stewart Porter as Billy McBride
  • Sandra Voe as Mima Wilson
  • Claire Rafferty as Anna Haldane
  • Jim Sturgeon as Ronald Haldane
  • Gemma Chan as Hattie James
  • Geraldine Alexander as Gwen James
  • Lindy Whiteford as Jackie Haldane
  • James Greene as Andrew Haldane
  • Martin Wenner as Professor Paul Berglund
  • Alexander Morton as Joseph Wilson
  • Sophie Rundle as Sophie
  • Sooz Aitken as Young Mima Wilson

They are just a few cast members who were part of Shetland Season 1 to 6. We can expect to see them back for Season 7, and maybe a few more people are coming in as new faces and characters. 

Shetland Season 7 Trailer

Unfortunately, we do not have the trailer yet for Shetland Season 7. Although, we might get to see it soon this 2022, as the season’s production is already ongoing. 

Stay tuned and watch out for the release of the Shetland Season 7 and its release date so we can all set our alarms and see what happens to the main cast of the show for the upcoming season! 

Are you excited already?

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