Stay Close Season 2: Is it being Renewed or Cancelled?

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Will we see Stay Close Season 2 happening this year?

Stay Close Season 2 is one of the biggest shows on Netflix, and the series premiered its first season last December 31, 2021, which fans have been binge-watching ever since first it came out. 

The show was based on the same name, written by Harlan Coben. Any idea what the show is about? or are you one of the fans who have finished Season one already?

Learn more about Stay Close and the details if renewed for another installment. 

About Stay Close 

Stay Close Season 2: Is It Being Renewed Or Cancelled?

Stay Close is a Netflix original series and an eight-part adaptation of the best-selling mystery novel of the same name.

It tells the story of a middle-class mom living in Livingston with three kids, whose life is in chaos because of a secret and haunting past behind her. With her is a homicide investigator who is also disrupted by a tragic incident. 

As the story goes on, twists and turns show up, and some old wounds open up because of a new tragedy. 

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Harlan Coben, the creator of the series, had a deal with Netflix way back in 2018 that he would have 14 of his novels be created into a Netflix series, where he would also be the producer. 

One of which is Stay Close, which was produced right away and was released in late 2021. 

Will there be a Stay Close Season 2? 

Many fans have been asking the same question since the finale of the first season of the series. 

However, we do not have a greenlight yet from Netflix or Harlan Coben to produce another installment of Season 2. Although the series was a success, we cannot know if Coben will make a follow-up. After all, Stay Close just finished airing the finale two months ago. 

But still, you can watch more of his other series on Netflix, such as Safe and The Stranger. Moreover, as promised, he will produce 14 shows for Netflix, which means there are more to come. 

Stay Close Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned, no official announcements are coming from Netflix or the producers if the show will have a second season. 

Thus, we cannot provide a release date or an expected date for Stay Close Season 2. 

But if you have seen the first season, there is more room for another story. Who knows, we might end up getting another installment. 

Stay Close Season 2: Cast 

Stay Close 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Since the show is now officially getting renewed, there is no official list for Stay Close Season 2.

Although, you might want to check the list of who was officially part of Stay Close Season 1:

  • Cush Jumbo as Megan Pierce-Shaw
  • James Nesbitt as DS Michael Broome
  • Richard Armitage is Ray Levine
  • Sarah Parish as Lorraine Griggs
  • Eddie Izzard as Harry Sutton
  • Jo Joyner as DC Erin Cartwright
  • Youssef Kerkour as Fester
  • Daniel Francis as Dave Shaw
  • Dylan Francis as Jordan Shaw
  • Tallulah Byrne as Laura Shaw
  • Andi Osho as Simona
  • Bethany Antonia as Kayleigh Shaw
  • Rachel Andrews is Bea
  • Poppy Gilbert as Barbie
  • Hyoie O’Grady as Ken
  • Jack Shalloo as DCS Brian Goldberg
  • Phillip Gascoyne as Chief Inspector Gary Blakefield
  • Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Sarah Green

If ever Stay Close Season 2 does happen, we hope to see the original cast play their part again!

Stay Close Season 2: Official Trailer 

There is no available official trailer for Season 2. Instead, you can rewatch the first season of Stay Close on the streaming platform Netflix. 

You might want to check out the trailer for the first installment as well. 

YouTube video

Always stay tuned and updated on official announcements. 

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