Stranger Things 4: When Its Going To Release?

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The most awaited show to come out of the Netflix mill right now is Stranger Things 4, which features Millie Bobby Brown. There is a lot of suspense associated with this release as fans wonder what happens next in the lives of everyone from Hawkins. It’s been in production for a while and was originally slated universally for release on Halloween, but it still hasn’t been released! Now it seems like some dedicated fans may have found out exactly when the series will finally be available to the general public.

Stranger Things had been anticipating their 4th season for 2 years and have already run into many delays due to covid, with the cast and crew contracting Covid-19. The team wrapped up the season with a lot of hardship back in November, with fans excitedly waiting for the next installment of Stranger Things. However, there is still no concrete release date although we can keep our eyes on news related to this, as they really give us an insight into what to expect from season 4 including an official picture posted by one of the actors on twitter.

Stranger Things 4

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Stranger Things 4: Release Date?

Just when you thought the hit Netflix series Stranger Things couldn’t get any more mysterious… Stranger Things 4 has gotten its very own Hollywood shakeup. The previous Season 3 release date was pushed back considerably and now there has been an additional delay to this milestone TV event. It’s going to be awhile before we hear anything about a new release date (yet we have it on good authority that an official snippet of casting news is imminent), so instead we’ll give you a sneak peek behind the camera scenes with some exclusive facts and gossip! While watching the first footage, kept secret under lock and key, it quickly becomes apparent that things are going to take a darker turn in this new season. For starters, fans got their first glimpse of the Upside Down here…

A Redditor u/mart_btar shared his unique experience as per We Got This Covered. They wrote, “My friend and I were reviewing the Stranger Things 4 teasers and tried to call this number shown on the Surfer Boy Pizza van 805-45-PIZZA. According to an article on, the phone number used to lead to nothing but a voice saying “The phone number you just dialled is now active.” However, if you try to call it now, it plays Happy Birthday music. This may be related to the title tease for episode 6 of ST3 which was supposed to be “The Birthday” but got changed with nothing relating to a birthday being included in season 3. Also, the location of the call traced back to San Luis Obispo CA. Let me know your theories!”

The comment section of this post started filling up quickly with lots of fans chiming in about their own theories about when the premiere date would be announced. One particularly Fabulous Fan wrote that the release date is July 15 the summer of 2022, as it marks the anniversary of the show. And surprisingly it is also a Friday this year! A lot of people were quick to agree and seemed very excited. We hope those claims are true because we can’t wait any longer!

Stranger Things 4: Cast

This cast of this season is mixed with some returning and also some of the new cast. It is featuring Robert Englund as Victor Creel, Eduardo Franco as Argyle, Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard, Sherman Augustus as Lt. Colonel Sullivan, mason Dye as Jason Carver, Tom Walaschiha as Dmitri, Nikola Djuricko as  Yuri, Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson. According to the report, we can also see the gang of Kali introduced in season two back as they were spotted on set.

There are also some new casts like

Amybeth McNulty as Vickie,  Myles Truitt as Patrick,  Regina Ring Chen as Ms. Kelly, Grace van Fien as Chrissy

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Stranger Things 4: Episodes

  • Episode 401 – “ Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”
  • Episode 402- ” Chapter two: Vecna’s Curse”
  • Episode 403 – “ Chapter three:” The  Monster and the Superhero”
  • Episode 404 – “ Chapter four:”Dear Billy”
  • Episode 405 – “ Chapter five:” The  Nina Project”
  • Episode 406 – “ Chapter six:” The  Dive”
  • Episode 407 – “ Chapter seven:” The  Massacre At Hawkins Lab”
  • Episode 408 – “ Chapter eight: ”Papa”
  • Episode 409 – “ Chapter Nine:” The  Piggyback”

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