Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2: Release Date Latest Update

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Are you excited for Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2? 

Yusagi Aneko wrote the fantasy light novel Tate No Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero), and Seira Minami illustrated it.

The Plot of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2

The dark fantasy (like Goblin Slayer) and isekai genres are combined in Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari. It is a recent release that has amassed a sizable fan base, which may explain its scores of 8/10 on My Anime List, 8.1/10 on IMDb, and 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. According to critics, the series delivers a novel spin on the isekai genre, which already has a bunch of new admirers.

Our heroes were last seen at the Cal Mira islands at the end of the first season. Following their return to Melromarc, the story continues with Naofumi’s struggle to reconcile his desire for vengeance and the notion of heroism.

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With new foes and obstacles on the horizon, Naofumi must navigate a treacherous path where his companions are also in danger.

Another teaser has recently been launched, in which we get to meet Filo and watch beautiful cartoons. 

As a monster egg, Filo is purchased by Naofumi in a slave store, and one gets a glimpse into the storyline. It is a huge Filoliale species bird when it is young.

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2

The young lady is also endowed with wings and a tremendous sense of fortitude. Filo, who was raised by none other than a Hero, is destined to become the queen of her species.

The coming season will continue after the Cal Mira arc as in the web novels. The upcoming story arcs covered should be The Spirit Turtle Arc and The Rebuilding Arc, divided into two parts. 

Defeating the Spirit Turtle will be one of the heroes’ most difficult assignments, and it will be one of Season 2’s main themes, alongside Naofumi’s anguish.

After its announcement in 2017, Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 1 ran for 25 episodes in 2019. Season 1 of the anime follows the events of the light novels until volume 5, which corresponds to volume 11 of the manga.

In general, Season 2 of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari will begin with volume 6 of the light novel/volume 12 of the manga.

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2: Cast

Many of the voice actors and personnel from season one are expected to return for the second season.

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2

The following cast members will return for Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2, according to Crunchyroll, with Kana Hanazawa joining the squad as a new character named Ost Horai (Druj from The Great Jahy).

  • Kaito Ishikawa (Tsumugu Kihara from Nagi no Asukara) as Naofumi Iwatani
  • Asami Tano (Akane Hino from Smile Precure!) returns to voice Raphtalia
  • Rina Hidaka (Airi Kashii in Ro-Kyu-Bu!) as Filo
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito in Sword Art Online) as Ren Amaki
  • Minami Takahashi (Megumi Tadokoro from Shokugeki no Souma) voices the role of Motoyasu Kitamura
  • Yoshitaka Yamaya (Yuuki Hase in Isshuukan Friends) as Itsuki Kawasumi

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2

Season 2 will see a few adjustments, according to the trailer.

Takao Abo, the director, has been replaced by Masato Jinbo (Syomin Sample, Restaurant to Another World) from the production crew.

Season 1’s anime studio, Kinema Citrus, will collaborate with DR Movie, a South Korean animation company.

Moreover, the screenplays will be written and overseen by Keigo Koyanagi (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Made in Abyss, Hanasaku Iroha).

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2: Release Date

The Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari TV anime is will premiere in April 2022, during the Spring 2022 anime season.

The second season was supposed to start in October 2021, but Kinema Citrus (the show’s animation studio) was forced to postpone it.

Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari Season 2: Official Trailer

Kinema Citrus has started posting teases on her YouTube page as Season 2 approaches. They generally revolve around the anime’s major characters.

Below is the second season’s advertising video.

YouTube video

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