The Grinch Horror Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot!

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The Grinch Horror Movie Release Date: The Mean One, a horror film adaption of the Dr. Seuss classic, will have “The Grinch” snatching people’s lives instead of Christmas. The film’s green-skinned villain, “The Mean One,” & the woman he chases across “Newville” are both referred to by their pseudonyms since the film is an unofficial satire. Lucky for us, Cindy is older & more powerful than her little forerunner. There will soon be access to this frightening Fair Use example. Find out when & where to see the film that would make Dr. Seuss cringe.

What The Grinch Horror Is About?

The Grinch’s heart does not enlarge to three times its normal size in this tale. In reality, because of copyright issues, he doesn’t go by that name at all. His other moniker is “The Mean One.” The town of Newville is located in the mountains, where a green monster in a blood-red Santa suit terrorises the locals every Christmas.

The Grinch Horror Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot!

Twenty years after Cindy You-Know-Who saw The Mean One murder her parents, she comes to Newville intent on getting even. Will she be able to stop The Mean One in time to preserve Christmas?

The Grinch Horror Movie Release Date

On December 9, 2022, The Mean One will hit shelves. It has also been confirmed that XYZ Productions would be distributing the film. Previously, it was announced that The Mean One will be made freely available to stream “anywhere” on December 15.

The Grinch Horror Movie Cast

The cast of The Mean One is listed below:-

  • David Howard Thornton as The Mean One
  • Krystle Martin as Cindy You-Know-Who
  • Saphina Chanadet as Young Cindy
  • Chase Mullins as Officer Burke
  • John Bigham as Doc
  • Erik Baker as Sheriff Hooper
  • Flip Kobler as Lou
  • Amy Schumacher as Mayor McBean
  • Christopher Sanders as the narrator
  • Robert DiTollio as Don

The Grinch Horror: Expected Plot

Of course, almost everybody is familiar with the plot of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. This horror parody of the original story, however, twists the material in unexpected ways. The “Mean One” is the only name ever used to describe the green villain.

This time around, the town of Newville is in the mountains, and the Mean One is dressed as Santa Claus and attacking the locals. Cindy You-Know-Who is the focal point of this piece. After the Mean One murdered her parents when she was young, she fled Newville, but now she’s come back to put an end to the town’s wickedness for good.

The Grinch Horror: Trailer

The official trailer for The Mean One, including the first look at the film & the introduction of a new character dubbed Cindy-You-Know-Who, was published by director Steven LaMorte. By stopping The Grinch, she will be avenging the deaths of her parents. Look at the trailer below:

YouTube video

Where to Watch the Grinch Horror?

According to the movie’s official website, “The Mean One” will premiere in theatres on December 9. There was no mention of theatres in the initial December 15th arrival announcement. Actually, it was meant to be played online & at no cost. Even if it doesn’t, it still may go live in certain cinemas before streaming on that day & it might even be free. The difference between the 2 announcements—XYZ Films for the free, online-only release, & Atlas Film Distribution for the premium theatrical release—suggests a switch of distributors as the cause of the shift in distribution.

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