The Owl House Season 3: New Renewal Update 2022

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The Owl House Season 3 might be happening soon, and here’s what we know so far!

The Owl House is a television show that aired in the United States. Its storyline centers on action, adventure, fantasy, horror, and comedy.

Furthermore, the series is an animated fantasy show. 

What is the Owl House? 

The Owl House Season 3 Updates

The show is created by Dana Terrace and is on Disney Channel.

The Owl House is a fan-favorite among the viewers. One of the biggest reasons the show made history is by having Disney‘s first bisexual lead in a series, with Luz and Amity, a girl from her school, starting a relationship.

You may say that this is a significant accomplishment for kids’ animation, and it just proved that the LGBTQ+ community is slowly being accepted.

Synopsis of the Owl House 

The Owl House tells the story of a girl named Luz Noceda, an ambitious dreamer from Connecticut. She accidentally travels through a portal to a magical world called the Boiling Isles instead of heading to summer camp.

Luz meets “The Owl Lady,” Eda Clawthorne in Boiling Isles, an individualistic and talented witch who offers to train Luz in magic as they try to get her back to the human realm.

Living at the Owl House with Eda is another roommate, the demon king. Luz quickly makes herself at home in this strange new land, attending a local magic school where she makes new friends, enemies, and more.

List of Season One’s Episode

The first season of The Owl House consisted of 19 episodes that were aired from January 10, 2020, to August 29 of the same year. 

  • Episode 1 – A Lying Witch and a Warden 
  • Episode 2 – Witches Before Wizards
  • Episode 3 – I was a Teenage Abomination
  • Episode 4 – The Intruder
  • Episode 5 – Convention
  • Episode 6 – Hooty’s Moving Hassle 
  • Episode 7 – Lost in Language 
  • Episode 8 – Once Upon a Swap
  • Episode 9 – Something Ventured, Something Framed 
  • Episode 10 – Escape of the Talisman 
  • Episode 11 – Sense and Insensitivity 
  • Episode 12 – Adventures in the Elements
  • Episode 13 – The First Day 
  • Episode 14 – Really Small Problems 
  • Episode 15 – Understanding Willow 
  • Episode 16 – Enchanting Grom Fight 
  • Episode 17 – Wing It like Witches 
  • Episode 18 – Agony of a Witch 
  • Episode 19 – Young Blood, Old Souls

Is The Owl House Season 3 Going to Happen?

To answer that question, it’s a big yes! 

Luckily The Owl House Season 3 will be happening. Only it will look different than the previous two seasons. 

According to a report, the show’s third installment will consist of three 44-minute specials. Unfortunately, it was also announced that Season 3 will be the show’s last, confirmed by Terrace (still hoping there would be more). 

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What is the plot of The Owl House Season 3? 

The show’s first season ended on August 29, 2020, so even with the pandemic to contend with, it took less than a year for Season 2 to premiere in 2021.

Now that is excellent news! Hopefully, we expect Season 3 of the show to premiere the first of the three specials within a year of Season 2’s end date. 

Who will be part of the cast of The Owl House Season 3? 

The Owl Huse Season 3 Expected Characters And Casts

We hope to see the main characters and cast back for Season 3.

Among the main cast of the series are Robles, Hirsch, Malick, and Whitman, Tati Gabrielle as Luz’s school friend Willow, Isaac Ryan Brown as her other friend Gus, and Cissy Jones as Eda’s sister Lilith.

In the second season, the show has an expanded cast. Rhys is expected to have a more significant role in the future as Belos, and Zeno Robinson plays the Golden Guard, a new character in the second season who Belos send to spy on the Owl House and its inhabitants. 

Is there an Official Trailer for The Owl House Season 3? 

Unfortunately, we do not have one yet. However, you can re-run Season 1 and 2 so you can catch up and maybe take a wild guess where Season 3 might pick up.

Take a look at the official trailer of Disney’s The Owl House. 

YouTube video

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