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The Takedown: The Takedown, a new Netflix original action film, is coming shortly, and you need to be prepared!

The movie is a follow-up to the French film On the Other Side of the Tracks, which came out in 2012. This sequel also features the characters of Ousmane Diakité (Sy) and François Monge (Lafitte), two cops with very different methods, worldviews, and origins.

The two cops meet to once again battle crime and solve mysteries, and they begin a new investigation that takes them across France. What appeared to be a simple drug transaction turned out to be a large-scale and dangerous conspiracy. However, as amazing as their journey is, it is also amusing because of their antics.

Netflix reveals new episodes and movies available on the platform throughout the year. The Takedown was recently launched as part of the streamer’s 2022 French-Language originals schedule. However, there was little information about the upcoming action film.

We are very excited to share all of the juicy details about the Takedown film with you now that we have them. Here you’ll find information about the action film’s release date, cast, synopsis, etc.

What is The Takedown All About?

The Takedown

The Takedown plot follows two cops from opposite backgrounds, Ousmane Diakité and François Monge, as they rejoin for a new investigation in France. The probe was meant to be straightforward, but instead, Ousmane and François find themselves at the center of a complex criminal investigation.

For his efforts on The Takedown, Louis Leterrier, the director of the 2013 picture Now You See Me, earned a Primetime Emmy. The screenplay was written by Stéphane Kazadjian (Modern Love), and Eric and Nicolas Altmayer produced it. Iza Higelin as Alice, Jean-Louis Tilburg as Contrôleur, and Dimitri Storoge as Brunner round out the cast, which also includes Iza Higelin as Alice, Jean-Louis Tilburg as Contrôleur, and Dimitri Storoge as Brunner.

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The Takedown Cast

The Takedown entire cast is given below, courtesy of IMDb:

  • Omar Sy as Ousmane Diakité
  • Laurent Lafitte as François Monge
  • Izïa Higelin as Alice
  • Dimitri Storoge as Brunner
  • Jean-Louis Tilburg as Contrôleur
  • Caroline Mathieu as Caroline
  • Luka Quinn as Fils Brunner

The Takedown Release Date

On Friday, May 6, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:30 a.m. ET, the action picture, will be released on Netflix. Set your alarm clocks because this is another late release. Make a reminder in your calendars!

The Takedown

The Takedown Trailer

Have a look at the official trailer to get a flavor of the original film!

The Takedown has a TV-MA rating, indicating that it is only appropriate for mature audiences. This film includes content that is not suitable for youngsters under 17.

There will almost probably be numerous violent incidents and drugs, smoking, and profanity. As a result, make sure no youngsters are around while watching the action movie.

There aren’t many highly anticipated shows coming to Netflix in May, other than Stranger Things season 4. So, add The Takedown to your Netflix queue and click the “Remind Me” button on the title page of the film. The Takedown is a film that you must see!

YouTube video

The trailer begins with a dramatic scene in which the detective duo busts into what looks to be a martial arts training session. The tension is quickly dissipated, though, as Ousmane jokes about the book and film Fifty Shades of Gray.

The trailer then alternates between strong action sequences and sheer hilarity for the next minute and a half. We’re watching a frantic cliffside automobile chase one second, then Diakité and Monge’s humorous banter the next.

The Takedown

In a supermarket pursuit scenario, Diakité appears to be riding a go-kart, while Monge appears on a bicycle. The trailer suggests that the film is aimed at fans of crime thrillers who also like a good laugh.

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