To what extent did Season 5 of Yellowstone set up a major disaster?

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With great sadness, the Yellowstone video theory has come forward now. They have come with their deepened apology for something that they said in their last video which was wrong but more than that it was too offensive.

Yellowstone is a riveting American neo-western drama series consisting of five episodes created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The series debuted on June 20, 2018, on Paramount network. So after it’s premiering in 2018, the series was well acknowledged by people across the globe, and after its fourth season which premiered on January 2020 season, five were avidly waiting for their audiences to give a feast. But things turned pretty south after the trailer release for season 5.

What Happened with the Season 5 Trailer of Yellowstone

To What Extent Did Season 5 Of Yellowstone Set Up A Major Disaster?

As per reports, when Yellowstone released its trailer for season 5 after it was viewed by millions within its launch fans noticed numerous things that would really unveil certain events in the impending season. It really seemed pretty predictable and this slight leakage of their plot would really affect the series in a pretty bad way.

People came up with their observations from all over the world and they completely made their assumptions and theories based on the loopholes that were truly visible in the trailer. Let’s check it over.

The first one was that John Dutton becomes the governor of Montana. This was clearly visible in the trailer and whereas another character Dutton Ranch was desperately trying to boost his revenue by hosting live events. These two are not something to be worried about too wild or controversial but the other following observations proved to be something vile and repugnant.

It may sound trite and frivolous but the central issue is with Monica’s hair. In her recent appearance at the event at CMT’s Artist of the Year that happened in October she apparently appeared with shorter hair which was depicted just like in the few shots from the Yellowstone trailer. So her new look with the short hair was good and people thought that she is now a mother and sometimes it would be too difficult to look after their own when we embrace motherhood. Moreover, she had long hair before her birth and it would be too difficult to maintain the long hair whilst struggling with feeding, diaper changing to all the joys of baby-raising.

So this theory gave glossed over a bandage that was on her nose and she tosses her kitchen around frustratedly with the utmost grief. Even this could justify that motherhood has been taking a toll on her and she would be really suffering from it as it gives her much pleasure and joy. But when a totally different comment arise from a Taste of Country YouTube subscriber named Glenda pin-pointed certain facts and it really ended up as a real reason for Monica’s short hair. So as per the theory put forward by Glenda, in native cultures, the cutting of hair is related and significantly connected to personal loss or death. So this reason was something like a thunderbolt and we have verified this theory with a dozen of blogs, native websites, and several other media outlets. Maybe this could be the worst heartbreaking tragedy yet in Yellowstone.

So this theory was circulating over the internet and people are really confused about what would have possibly happened in Monica’s life. Does she lose the baby? This was the most asked question over the internet. At the end of the season, four of Yellowstone and viewers and her husband Kacey learned about the good news that Monica has conceived. A fellow actor in the show Kelsey Asbille expressed the joyous pleasure and thrilling excitement of having a baby on set. So now Monica’s appearance in the trailer and her visible wound on the nose and her short hair really points out that something has really happened in her life.

Release date of season 5 of Yellowstone

To What Extent Did Season 5 Of Yellowstone Set Up A Major Disaster?

Season 5 of Yellowstone would be released on November 13, 2022. The fourth season of the series premiered on January 2020. So now season 5 has come almost after a long year and as per reports, season 5 would be consisting of fourteen episodes. The other seasons had nine to ten episodes but since season 5 has so many twists and turns it would be having a number of episodes.

Yellowstone Plot at a Glance

Produced by John Vohlers and Michael Polaire Yellowstone is a resounding American neo-Western drama series starring Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham. As we all know by the end of the fourth season the series revolves around the Dutton Family. They are the owners of the wealthiest and largest ranch in Montana and this is commonly called ‘the Yellowstone. The whole story revolves around family drama which creates trials and tribulations and the dramas that follow in each of the Dutton family members. So season 5 would take us into an interesting plot where numerous twists and turns are waiting.

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