Top Gun 3 Possible Release Date, Cast, Plot and Updates

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After the recent release of Top Gun Maverick, fans are again asking for the Top Gun 3 and we are also curious when this will happen. It’s hard to imagine that a third movie will not happen if the last movie ended with a bang. Join us in learning when the Top Gun 3 release date is, together with the film’s possible cast members and storyline. 

Everything We Know About Top Gun 3

The newest Tom Cruise film Top Gun: Maverick, has successfully gained popularity among old and new fans after it was released in the cinemas this year. Now, with its success comes the question of Top Gun 3. Is there a Top Gun 3 in the making? 

But before all that, to recall, the recent film Top Gun: Maverick was directed by Joseph Kosinski, and it was released only 36 years after the late Tony Scott produced the first movie of Top Gun. 

Of course, Top Gun wouldn’t be it without Tom Cruise. Cruise reprised one of his iconic signature roles, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, in the movie bringing back Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky from the original film.

Top Gun 3 Release Date

Meanwhile, new team members include Rooster (Miles Teller), the son of Goose and Maverick’s deceased co-pilot.

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The story of Top Gun: Maverick revolved around how they brought Captain Maverick Mitchell back to the USA and train a new generation of pilots claiming to be the best of the best.  Maverick also had to resolve Rooster’s lifelong hatred over his father’s death in the original film of Top Gun, while a new love interest is introduced for Maverick. 

The breathtaking aerial photography and steeped in nostalgia for the original Top Gun saga deliver the crowd a pleasing theatrical experience. And because the movie gained worldwide popularity in the cinemas and became one of the most talked-about films, fans are no doubt curious about a third sequel to the movie. Is there room for another breathtaking adventure for Maverick? 

Will there be a Top Gun 3?

Since the 2nd sequel of the movie was just released, there is still no news about a Top Gun 3 Release Date. Although the film received overflowing good reviews and even gained a 97% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score, we can anticipate that it may be possible to see Top Gun 3 sometime in the future. 

Top Gun 3 Release Date

Naturally, the decision will be depended on the outcome of the Top Gun: Maverick and how successful it was. All we can do is wait for paramount to announce if the third Top Gun film is possible. 

Potential Top Gun 3 Release Date

We do not know whether Top Gun 3 is confirmed for production. Although fans are already curious about its release date, we are still waiting for announcements from the producer. 

The possibility of having the film for a third sequel is not impossible, but we are hoping that we would not have to wait for another 36 years before it comes out because Tom Cruise would be 89 years old by then. We may say Tom Cruise could still be acting at that age, but can you imagine him in an action movie? 

And since the chance of the success of Top Gun: Maverick could mean a new Top Gun movie sooner rather than later, we may speculate that we might have the Top Gun 3 release date sooner.

Cast: Who will return to Top Gun 3?

If we mention or hear the word Top Gun, it’s hard to imagine not having Tom Cruise in it. Most likely, if we have the Top Gun 3 Release Date announced already, Tom Cruise will still be joining as the ageless Captain Maverick. 

Top Gun 3 Release Date

In the recent Top Gun: Maverick movie, they also successfully introduced new characters like Miles Teller’s Rooster, Glen Powell’s Hangman, and Jennifer Connelly’s Penny, who would possibly join the third sequel of the film if it were to happen. 

Then again, Top Gun 3 could also bring in new pilots to join Maverick in the air. Excited about a third movie sequel? So are we! 

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