U.N. Aid Is Sought By Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family As They Seek Her Release On Bail

Charlie paul
Charlie paul
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The siblings of Ghislaine Maxwell have filed a complaint with the United Nations, claiming that her detention in pre-trial detention is an act of “unprecedented discrimination” and accusing U.S. authorities of trampling the “narrow line between justice and retribution.”

Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire financier and alleged sex trafficker who committed suicide in federal custody in 2019, was a confidante of Maxwell’s, and she is currently being held without bail pending her federal trial in New York City.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has begun with the selection of a jury.

At 35 minutes past the hour on November 17th, 2021

An array of charges have been leveled against British socialite Maxwell, alleging that she helped Epstein groom young women for nonconsensual sex.

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They filed a complaint with the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Monday, citing a judge’s refusal to grant bail on multiple occasions.

Refusal of bail is “unprecedented discrimination” that has never been seen before, family lawyers Francois Zimeray and Jessica Finelli, based in Paris, said in a statement.

There was a claim that Ghislaine Maxwell was suffering as a direct result of the United States government’s failure to protect Jeffrey Epstein’s life and ensure his appearance at trial.

After being detained since July 2020, Maxwell has been denied the right to home detention. Bail for Maxwell has been denied by the prosecution because of the “extreme flight risk” he allegedly poses.

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Lawyers for her defense claim she is being mistreated and imprisoned in appalling conditions while she waits for trial to begin.

According to Zimeray and Finelli, “the line between justice and revenge is razor-thin.” In our fight against arbitrariness, we’re not fighting against the complainants.” Before a single witness has been called to testify against Ms. Maxwell, the public has already declared her guilty and branded her a monster. This demonization has not been mitigated by the U.S. prosecution authorities.”

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A spokesman for the Southern New York U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the case on Tuesday.

According to Maxwell’s family lawyers, the international petition is separate from his criminal defense in the United States and does not have standing in federal court. Representatives for the United Nations Human Rights Office, which oversees the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, were unavailable for comment.

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