Unforgotten Season 5: Updates of Release Date, Plot and Cast

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The crime drama series Unforgotten Season 5 is confirmed to air, and fans are stoked to see the series back for another season.

If you have been anticipating the fifth installment of the season, good news because Unforgotten Season 5 will be out this 2022.

Here’s what we know so far.

Unforgotten Season 5: Release Date

The fourth season of Unforgotten broke records in 2021, with over 7.5 million viewers tuning in every week. No doubt fans have been anticipating another season!

Season 4 left viewers weeping the demise of Nicola Walker’s Cassie Stuart, which caused the fans to think writer Chris Lang might have drawn the series to a close.

But worry not, ITV has confirmed that Unforgotten will be back for another season, and it’s coming soon.

In May 2021, Lang announced that the script for a fifth season of Unforgotten has already been in the works even before the fourth season had aired.

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Cast Sanjeev Bhaskar also revealed that the drama starts filming in March 2022. We can assume that by the time they start production, the show’s airing will soon follow.

Although there is no official announcement about when the show will air its first episode, the estimated airing date is late 2022.

Unforgotten Season 5: The Plot

Unforgotten Season 5

The fourth season of Unforgotten left the fans in a cliffhanger, and we are expected to see some answers this upcoming season, which may be set shortly after the tragic events.

Unforgotten Season 4 focuses on the murder case of Matthew Walsh, whose headless body is found in a freezer in a trash heap. After having a mental breakdown, Cassie was then forced to come back to work from her sick leave.

Meanwhile, Sunny seems to be good at work and with Sal. However, he can be seen worried about Cassie. As the story moves forward, Sunny and the rest of the team will be grieving the loss of Cassie while also adjusting to a new partner.

In Season 5, we will see the characters emotionally, but the detectives must keep working.

Can you guess what sort of case they will face in Season 5?

According to Lang, “It’s the most political of the story so far, ‘political’ with a small ‘p.’ It addresses where the UK is as a country politically, and it introduces a new partner in crime for him, which is just lovely and refreshing. It’s a woman, and she’s pretty different from Cassie. That’s kind of all I can say. She’s at a very different stage in her life. She’s younger. She’s his boss again.”

Unforgotten Season 5: Cast

There might be slight changes in casting in Unforgotten Season 5, but worry not because the most of the original cast will be back.

Back in Season 4, when Cassie dies from a brain injury after a car crash, they stated on the Twitter account of the show thanking Walker for playing the brilliant role of Cassie Stuart. Thus, it is confirmed that her character and the actress will not be back for the fifth installment.

As for the rest of the cast, we will be seeing the original ones aside from Walker. It is also reported that new actors will fill out the surrounding roles relating to the new case.

Unforgotten Season 5 Cast

This includes actors:

  • Jordan Long as DS Murray Boulting
  • Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier
  • Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley
  • Georgia Mackenzie as Dr. Leanne Balcombe
  • Janet Dibley as Jenny
  • Michelle Bonnard as Sal

Although we do not have an official trailer ready yet, you can check out the past few seasons to catch up on Unforgotten’s epic story.

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