Valeria Season 3: Expected Release Date, Cast and Plot

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Are you ready for Valeria Season 3?

Netflix has revived Valeria for a third season. This bold comedy-drama follows four 30-year-olds as they struggle to figure out who they are in the world.

The series Valeria has gotten a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

The Plot of Valeria

The series Valeria follows the story of Valeria, who is a writer. She hit a dead end with both her writing and her husband.

Valeria is a television show that includes a combination of comedy, drama, and romance. 

Diana Gómez plays Valeria, a writer who is the protagonist. Her writing, as well as her marriage, came to an end. Teresa Riott, who portrays Nerea, Paula Malia, who plays Carmen, and Silma López, who plays Lola, provided console to her later.

Valeria Season 3

The series was written by Elisabet Benavent, Maria Lopez Castano, Marina Perez, Aurora Gracia, Fernanda Eguiarte, and Almudena Ocana.

The first season of Valeria premiered on May 8, 2020, and the second season premiered on August 13, 2021. 

 On IMDb, it has a 6.4 out of 10 ratings.

As previously said, the plot centers around a woman in her thirties. She battled in both her personal and professional lives because she wanted to be a writer, but the publishing business published his writings under someone else’s name.

In a nutshell, Valeria is a Spanish television series about finding oneself in a world of wit and comedy.

Valeria Season 3: Expected Plot

In Season 2, Valeria signs the divorce papers, and Adrián bids his goodbyes, as we recall at the close of season 2. However, Valeria’s relationship with Victor remains complicated, as the latter wishes to be a part of her life despite his desire to avoid conflicts.

Furthermore, the season 2 finale implies that Bruno will play a significant role in Valeria’s life, maybe as a new love interest.

The third season will tackle several issues, including how the protagonist will deal with the reality of her relationship with Victor. The latter has made it apparent that he only wants to remain with her under particular circumstances. Valeria wants a commitment, but he doesn’t.

On the other side, Carmen and Borja’s wedding preparations continue, but they do not have his mother’s blessing, so there will undoubtedly be issues. Finally, Lola retains her plan to travel to Vienna to heal her wounds, but we’ll have to wait and see if things go as planned.

Season 3 will be the configuration of Season 2, as Season 2 is the continuation of Season 1. You can also see Lola’s narrative while in Vienna or when she returns from Vienna. The wedding of Boris and Carmen took place in Season 2, and we shall see them again in Season 3.

Valeria Season 3

The critical question is whether Ibrahim Al Shami Adrián will come back to life, given that he has already divorced Valeria, and it is pretty unlikely that we will see him again. Still, of course, it is never a bad idea to revive the character in a timely manner.

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Valeria Season 3: Cast

Below are the Cast of the upcoming Valeria Season 3

  1. Diana Gomez as Valeria
  2. Silma Lopez as Lola
  3. Paula Malia as Carmen
  4. Teresa Riott as Nerea
  5. Maxi Iglesias as Víctor
  6. Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrián
  7. Cris Iglesias as Gloria
  8. Juanlu Gonzalez as Borja
  9. Mero Gonzalez as Zaida
  10. Nicolas Coronado as Carlos
  11. Raquel Ventosa as Olga
  12. Esperanza Guardado as Lidia
  13. Julia Molins as Cris
  14. Melissa Fernández as Carmen’s coworker
  15. Aitor Luna as Sergio

Valeria Season 3: Expected Release Date

Valeria Season 3 has yet to give an official release date. It is expected to be announced soon.

Valeria’s third season is scheduled to air in late 2022. It’ll be available on Netflix soon, perhaps once the third quarter begins. 

Hence, fans can expect to see the series in July 2022 at the earliest.

The number of episodes in the third season of Valeria Season 3 is to be announced yet. Furthermore, Valeria’s third season is expected to have eight episodes.

Netflix has also confirmed that this is the series’ final segment.

Valeria Season 3: Trailer

Although there is no official trailer for Valeria Season 3 yet, you may catch up on the series’ previous two seasons on Netflix.

If you want something shorter, check out this trailer from Valeria Season 2. 

YouTube video

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