What Dragon Ball Z Episodes Should You Avoid? Easy-To-Follow Dragon Ball Filler Instructions

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Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime series in history. It has been airing on TV since 1986 and still going strong! But with so many episodes, it can be hard to know which ones are worth watching. That’s why we created this easy guide to help you find out what episodes you should skip. We’ll tell you how long each episode is, whether or not there are any fighting scenes, and if it’s important for the story arc.

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular classic anime series that has not only influenced Japanese culture but has also extended manga and anime worldwide.

The anime adheres to the manga’s plot and themes completely. It faithfully adapts Akira Toriyama’s full manga. Various sequels have been released in the wake of Dragon Ball’s increasing popularity, including DBZ, DBZ Kai, and DB GT.

This anime series has several amusing and exciting stories that chronicle the characters’ development.

The first season, Dragon Ball, features 21 filler episodes but a low 14% filler percentage. The Dragon Ball Z franchise contains 39 fillers, accounting for 13% of the episodes.

The Dragon Ball Kai version has just two fillers, which puts it at 0.01 percent filler. Dragon Ball GT is a complete waste of time. Finally, Dragon Ball Super has a total of 14 filler episodes, with 11% of the series consisting of filler.

The Dragon Ball series has a low filler percentage in all of its parts, therefore you may go through them all if you don’t care for fillers.

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Dragon Ball Filer List

  • 1-28, 34-41, 43, 46-78, 84-126, 133-148 Canon
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What Cannot Be Skipped in Dragon Ball?

  • Pilaf and the Mystery Force (Episode 30)
  • Wedding Plans? (Episode 31)
  • The Flying Fortress Vanished! (Episode 32)
  • In the end, a drought would come to an end and it looks like Inga will get her to wish.
  • The danger in the Air (Episode 45)
  • Where Is Papaya Island? (Episode 79)
  • The legend of the fireflies (Episode 127) Quicker than Lightning
  • The Legend of the Woods (Episode 128)
  • Goku’s Doll (Episode 130)
  • Heat up than Lava (Episode 131)
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The list of Dragon Ball Z filers

  • Canon – 1-8, 17-38, 45-99, 101, 103-107, 118-123, 126-169, 172-173
  • 11, 204, 229, 251, 287
  • 9-10, 12-16, 39-44, 100, 102, 108-117, 124-125, 170-171, 174

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Which Dragon Ball Z Fillers Can You Skip?

  • The Weeping Machine (Episode 9)
  • A New Friend (Episode 10)
  • Global Training (Episode 12)
  • Gotta Eat ‘Em All (Episode 13)
  • Princess Snake (Episode 14)
  • The Perils Of Being A Single Mother (Episode 16)
  • Pendulum Room Peril (Episode 17)
  • Is This a Friend or an Enemy? (Episode 39)
  • On Bulma’s Big Day (Episodes 60-61)
  • Krillin’s Proposal (Episode 117)
  • Goku’s Ordeal (Episode 125)
  • Gohan’s Memories (Episode 171)
  • Gohan’s First Date (Episode 202)
  • The Mystery of the Tao (Episode 174)
  • Blackmail (Episode 204)
  • Men Are The Worst (Episode 254)
  • He’s Always Late (Episode 288)

What Dragon Ball GT Fillers Should You Avoid?

Dragon Ball GT is entirely a non-canon installment in the Dragon Ball series. watch the entire show or skip it entirely.

It will not alter the main continuity, so you may pick whatever option you wish.

What filler episodes should you avoid in Dragon Ball Kai?

  • The Future Is In Jeopardy! Will the Baby’s Life Be in Danger? All for Videl’s Protection! Gohan Gets An Urgent Call-out!
  • The Buford Twins’ Adventure Continues! The Powerful Book of Dragons is Unleashed! (Episodes 165-180)

Note- Dragon Ball Z Kai is a condensed version of Dragon Ball Z. If you don’t want to watch the entire series, that’s OK because the storyline isn’t nearly as good as Dragon Ball Z.

What fillers should you avoid in Dragon Ball?

  • The Pilaf Gang Strikes! In Action, Pilaf Gang! (Episodes 101-102)
  • Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! An Invitation from Outer Space (Episode 101)
  • The Victory Celebration Has Been Stalled! Final Showdown?! Monaka vs. Son Goku (Episodes 101)
  • Gohan’s ‘Ki’ is Out of Control?! Taking Care of Pan Is a Lot of Work (Episode 101)
  • The Secret of Planet Potofu Is Revealed (Episode 101)
  • Bring forth, Shenron! Whose desire will be realized? (Episodes 101)

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Filler List

Canon: None

Partial Canon: None

Filler: None

Anime-Exclusive Canon – 1 through 30

The Dragon Ball Heroes anime is a promotional animated series for the card and video game of the same name. There are 30 episodes in all (episode 30 will be released in December 2020).

The plot is based on the video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes. It’s got Bojack Horseman and the Turtles as bad guys. Some new elements, such as time patrols, are incorporated in the anime adaptation of the game’s narrative.

Although Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not official with the anime, it does establish its own canon timeline in the Dragon Ball universe. There are no fillers in the anime, as all of the events shown in the anime are directly inspired by the video game’s story.

If you’re watching this episode, don’t skip any of the episodes. It’s a quick watch, but there are no skippable segments. Every episode is only 8 minutes long, so there’s no need to skip anything.

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About Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball Z anime is a Japanese animated television series created by Toei Animation.

It’s a follow-up to Dragon Ball. The new anime’s sequel, Dragon Ball Super (Dragonborn Chao ), adapts the latter 325 chapters of Akira Toriyama’s original 519-chapter Dragon Ball manga series, which was published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1988 to 1995.

Dragon Ball Z chronicles the adult Goku’s efforts to defend the world against a variety of bad guys including intergalactic space fighters, conquerors, abnormally strong androids, and near-indestructible magical creatures.

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