What Is Latom / Lathom / Latom In Fire Force? Complete Info!

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The Fire Force is made up of both church and state firefighters, and one of the most fascinating aspects about it is the connection it establishes between them and the Church.

The Infernals are seen as people in despair who need to be assisted on their way to redemption. The Latin word “latom” is used to describe the activities of these Infernals. Prayers are offered as they are purged, and the phrase “latom” is employed. Let s delve into what it is!

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What does the acronym L A TOM stand for?

The closing word of any Christian prayer comparable to Amen is latom. In addition, the term is also used in Hungarian to mean “I see or comprehend,” according to fans, but it may also be interpreted as “I see your light.”

What is Latom/Lathom?

What Is Latom/Lathom? 

The religious undertones of the Fire Force were one of the most apparent features.

The firefighting squad is notable not only for battling infernal creatures but also for assisting humans in obtaining salvation through prayer.

Infernals are people who were unable to adapt to the Adella Burst and spontaneously combust into these creatures.

They’re just individuals in a never-ending torment who exist only to suffer. The term “hell” comes from the Greek word “helion,” which means “lake of fire.” The description is used in contemporary language to describe a place or state of being that is comparable to the concept of Eternal Pain of Punishment within the Evangelical Church.

Fire Force is therefore connected with the Holy Sol Temple in its effort to stop this. The Infernals are weapons that have been sealed inside the Volcano since ancient times. They may be released by Fire Force, allowing you to fight them without killing them.

The team’s guardian will offer prayers to free them from their suffering and lead them to salvation, while the sister assigned to the team will provide this.

Infernals are not combated, and they are regarded as victims.

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Relation With Real World

But how does Latom play into this? The very prayers used by the Sister in the anime are similar to the prayers used in funerals found in the real-world Anglican text the Book of Common Prayer.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust are the phases of death, signifying that humans will return to the ground from which God formed them.

In the anime, the phrase “from earth to earth” is left out, yet the prayer’s core idea–that their religion revolves around sun, light, and fire–is maintained.

Latam concludes his public prayer, reminding us that this is a simulation. It has the same beat as Amen, which is designed to execute technical roles.

Latam implies that I see the light in your anime, which has led to speculation that it means I perceive your light in Hungarian. The light is seen as the redeemer who will bring these Infernals to salvation.

Fire Force Prayer

The prayer to release Infernals from their agony is as follows-

Latam, on the other hand, is not only used in prayers for the deceased. Latam may also be used to conclude news or broadcasts at times, so it’s very possible that it’s employed in any general prayer.

What exactly is the Holy Sol Temple?

The Holy Sol Temple is the most popular faith in the Tokyo Empire. The Sun God is worshiped by Sisters, Priests, Monks, and their followers in this religion.

The Holy Sol Temple is part of the Empire’s sovereign, Raffles III. This is because Raffles I founded the Temple and religion to the Spontaneous Combustion phenomenon, and therefore the Holy Sol Temple became one of the three organizations that formed the Special Fire Brigade.

As a result, members of the Church assist the Special Fire Force by offering prayers to the Infernals’ souls, hoping that they may be led toward salvation.

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About Fire Force

Atsushi Okubo’s Fire Force is a Japanese manga about two teenage boys who shoot fire from their hands. It began serialization in Kodansha s Weekly Shounen Magazine on September 23, 2015. It has published 21 tankobon volumes to date and currently includes over 100,000 words.

The story of the anime centers on Shinra Kusakabe, a vigilante known as the Devil’s Footprints who is plagued by his past. He was tormented by memories of a deadly fire that claimed his mother and brother when he was just a little boy.

Shinra joins the Fire Force’s Company 8 in order to learn more about it and, as a result, works to unravel the vast conspiracy of his world.

A world where people spontaneously combust into creatures called Infernals, and there exist pyrokinetic heroes that help combat them.

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