What is the Actual Reason Behind Carly Ray Pearce’s Divorce? | Take A Look

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Fans were shocked when country singer Carly Pearce said she was getting a divorce from her husband of eight months, fellow country singer Michael Ray. The two worked together for years before they started dating in 2018. They got married in October 2019.

By September 2020, though, they were no longer together. Since their marriage ended so quickly, many of Carly’s and Michael’s fans want to know why they split up.

Carly’s song “Next Girl” sparked rumors, but she has hinted that there were other things that made her marriage bad. So, why did Carly Pearce and her husband split up? What you need to know is listed below.

Who is Carly Ray Pearce?

What Is The Actual Reason Behind Carly Ray Pearce’s Divorce? | Take A Look

Carly Cristyne Slusser was born in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, on April 24, 1990. When Pearce was a child, her grandparents often played country music at their house. This got her interested in the style. When Pearce was 11, he started playing in a bluegrass band.

She joined a program for homeschooling while she was working at Dollywood. After she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, she started getting a lot of attention.

In 2017, Carly became well-known after her original song “Every Little Thing” got a lot of airplay on satellite radio. That song helped Pearce get signed to a big record label and become a big star.

Carly Ray Pearce: Career

At age 26, Carly Pearce had her first big commercial success as a singer. Every Little Thing, her first album, came out in 2017 and made her known all over the world. It would reach the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart at number five.

The single “Wasn’t That Drunk,” a duet she did with Josh Abbott, was a huge hit. “Closer to You,” another well-known song, came out in 2018, and “I Hope You’re Happy Now” will come out in October 2019. Carly Pearce said, “When you’re starting a new job, you should be sure of yourself and have confidence in yourself.” This is what we learned from AllMusic.

Why Did Carly Pearce Get Divorced?

What Is The Actual Reason Behind Carly Ray Pearce’s Divorce? | Take A Look

Carly was having trouble with her love life on top of being in quarantine and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In November 2020, she told People that she and Michael “very quickly realized we weren’t meant to be.”

But the singer of “Every Little Thing” won’t say that her marriage was a mistake. “I don’t think we go through things we aren’t meant to go through. I really loved her. I will always believe that.”

People started to talk about the divorce after Carly released her song “Next Girl,” which was about falling in love with a man who likes to date a lot of different women. The lyrics say, “When he looks like that, you overlook a lot.

He’ll charm your mother with that smile. Hide the red flags for a while.” Many people thought that the lyrics were aimed at Michael, but Carly told People: “I broke up with this person. I don’t want a song to remind me of it every night.”

She did say that the decision to file for divorce wasn’t made on a whim while they were in quarantine, which was what many fans thought. Carly told People, “This was not a decision I made on the spot.”

“I really took my time with this and made sure I was doing the right thing. I knew that this wasn’t the kind of marriage I wanted.” She also said that the relationship between the couple was rough before the pandemic.

The last clue Carly gave about why she got a divorce had to do with trust. “To work on something, you need at least two people. If you love someone, you put your faith in them.”

Even though Carly Pearce is still trying to get over her rough relationship with Michael Ray it doesn’t look like her ex is having any trouble moving on. In October 2020, just four months after he split up with Pearce, the country music star was first seen with a new woman.

The new person who is important to him? People say that Tyler Reese Tritt is the daughter of well-known country singer Travis Tritt. Tritt posted a picture of herself and Ray hugging on Halloween while she was dressed as Ariel on Instagram, and it quickly went viral.

Tyler Reese Tritt and Michael Ray

Ray seemed to be handling this relationship different than the last one he was in. Ray’s current relationship is a secret, unlike his relationship with Pearce, which was well-known from the beginning to the end.

Even though he and Tritt haven’t said it out loud, it’s clear from a quick look at their Instagrams that they are still very much in love. Even though they don’t talk much about their relationship in their posts, they are always commenting on each other’s posts.

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