Who Does Kazuma End Up with in Konosuba? Complete Info!

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Who does Kazuma end up within Konosuba? Kazuma is a young man who died and was sent to the fantasy world of Ente Isla. He’s been told he can choose one thing to bring with him, so he chooses Aqua, a goddess from Celestia. Together they go on an adventure that will change their lives forever! Join them as they explore this new world together and see if they’ll be able to find happiness! Will it be Megumin? Darkness? Or maybe even someone else entirely?! Find out now by reading Konosuba! 

With every sentence, fans have become more and more enthralled in the characters’ issues. 17 novels are already published for Konosuba; with each word, fans have grown even closer to the story. The series’ conclusion, which they felt was rushed and abrupt, has left a sour taste in their mouths.

While the light novel began with Kazuma and Aqua, and it was only appropriate to conclude the volume with them, fans of the series were disappointed by the lack of resolution regarding Kazuma’s relationships with other characters.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of material to help you figure out whether Kazuma has a crush on someone and add further depth to the plot. Let’s have a look at his relationships with others before seeing who he ends up with.

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Is there anybody in Konosuba that Kazuma likes?

Throughout the series, we’ve seen Kazuma express his desire to establish a harem on numerous occasions.

To that end, whether he was successful or not, it’s a sure thing that he’s got a lot of women who like him and vice versa.


This was the beginning of it all, with Kazuma and Aqua. Despite their mutual contempt and uselessness, the two are inseparable and have a strong friendship.

We never guessed that a shut-in Neet and a useless goddess would provide us with so much amusement.

Despite the fact that these two are the main focus, fans never dare to ship them together, and for good reason. Aqua and Kazuma are, in a sense, like siblings.

The most stunning example of this would be Kazuma getting mad at others for ridiculing Aqua when he himself did the same. It was really something that everyone could relate to, especially those who have a sibling. They quarrel, fight, and yet they rely on and care for each other more than anybody else.

Even if Kazuma is aware of their platonic love (Aqua is the only female he had no perverted ideas about), who are we to deny it. Aqua and Kazuma is the greatest platonic relationship, and you can’t persuade me otherwise.

II. Darkness

Who Does Kazuma End Up With In Konosuba

To the left is Darkness, my noble masochist. Despite the fact that she had a difficult start, she was ultimately accepted into Kazuma’s group and became a valued member.

After he started hitting her, she was frightened and irritated, but after time, she got used to it.

Furthermore, as the series continued, Vanir hinted to them that Darkness and Kazuma were attracted to one another. While he was only trying to humiliate them, there was some validity to his claims.

After Kazuma saved Darkness from a forced marriage, he developed feelings for her.

She finally acted on them in volume 12, announcing her love for Kazuma. He rejected her, and their connection was cut off at its source with the last kiss.

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III. Megumin

Megumin and Kazuma have always had a warm friendship, with both of them defending each other time after time.

Despite his appalling behavior on occasion, she felt safe around Kazuma and trusted him.

As a result, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship when Megumin finally came clean with Kazuma, making them more than pals but less than lovers.

In volume 14, they were shown to be overly affectionate towards each other and have even engaged in sexual acts multiple times.

In the short story that followed volume 17, it was revealed that Megumin and Kazuma had gotten together and made their relationship public.

In the last episode, Orie revealed that she and Kazuma were in a romantic relationship. He has given up his dream of building a harem, according to her.

Megumi was the one who told him that she had obtained a job offer from a prominent company. He was devastated and immediately began searching for a way out of his relationship with her. Meanwhile, Megumi is on a date with someone else. Kaede, Darkness, and Tsubaki then met up at an abandoned house to discuss what Kazuma appears to have finally grown up at the end of “18th Blue” and it only took 17 volumes.

Who is the girl that Kazuma ends up with?

Who Does Kazuma End Up With In Konosuba

The sequel, “Love’s Sweet Assault,” ends with the main character expressing his love for another woman. Even though Kazuma does not date anyone as the author openly states in the last short story, fans were given a definitive answer in the next installment.

After the conclusion of volume 17, which saw them enter into a relationship, the author released a spin-off focusing on Kazuma and Megumin entitled “Kazuma and Megumin’s Sweet Arc” immediately.

According to Megumin, the author was probably attempting to preserve the love component for that short story in order for Kazuma to have some time to grasp the significance of love and become a strong-willed and dedicated individual; after all, Megumin deserves the best.

As for now, It’s official, Kazumin is the endgame! It was worth watching the series for years in order to reach such a wonderful conclusion. The anime is the final component of the project.

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About Konosuba

Natsume Akatsuki and Kurone Mishima’s Konosuba is a light novel series that began in 2014. The series is currently composed of 16 volumes, and the final book may be expected to be the last one; thus far, five anime adaptations have been produced.

A high school student and recluse named Kazuma Satou find himself sitting in front of a beautiful but loud goddess named Aqua after dying an embarrassing and pathetic death on his journey back from purchasing a game.

The world’s first and only gamer for NEETs, she offers the choice of continuing to heaven or reincarnating in every player’s fantasy – a real dream realm!

Kazuma is given a choice to start a new life and quickly has to vanquish a Demon King who is terrifying locales. Before he departs, he may select one thing of any kind to help him.

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