Who is Julianne Hough Dating? – A Quick Look on 2022 Status

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So, who is Julianne Hough Dating? 

A few months ago, the actress was spotted kissing model Charlie Wilson one year after filing for divorce from her husband, Brooks Laich. Could he be the new boyfriend?

Find out more about Julianne Hough’s Dating and her relationship history here. 

Who is Julianne Hough?

Julianne Alexandra Hough is an American dancer, actress, and singer.

Hough was one of the Million Dollar Dancers in the 2006 ABC game show called Show Me the Money. In 2007, she joined the cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer. After leaving the show in 2009, she returned in 2014 to serve as a permanent judge on Dancing with the Stars, which she held until 2017.

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She was born in Orem, Utah, as the youngest of five children in a Mormon family. Hough’s formal training as a dancer began at the Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, where she danced with Josh Murillo, among others, in Latin Ballroom. 

Aside from all those, the real question here is who is Julianne Hough dating?

Who is Julianne Hough Dating? – 2022 Update 

Who Is Julianne Hough Dating?

Before anything else, if you have not heard of the news, Lough and Laich (ex-husband) announced their divorce in May of 2020.

Before their split, they were already quarantined separately amid the coronavirus pandemic, which may be one of the signs of their broken marriage. 

A source of some reporters even mentioned that Hough missed Laich after their split and that “a huge part of her felt they still had a chance to make their marriage work. Brooks never wanted his marriage to end, and it was painful. He didn’t want to get hurt again so he tread lightly when they first started talking about a reconciliation.”

However, Julianne Hough appears to be moving on from her recent divorce. Just recently, she was spotted locking lips with model Charlie Wilson.

Hough reportedly greeted her potential new beau with a big hug outside a restaurant in Los Angeles before heading inside to pick up some green juices and a brown bag of food.

So who is Julianne Hough Dating, and who is the mystery guy?

Who is Julianne Hough Dating? – Relationship History

Before Julianne got married, her dating history in the limelight can be traced back to the early 2000s.

Zack Wilson (2005-2007) 

Back in 2005, she began dating dancer Zack Wilson who she had known since they were children and seemed quite fond of each other., The duo even got engaged at one point. However, things did not work out, and they broke their relationship off in 2007. 

Chuck Wicks (2008-2009)

Country singer Chuck Wicks dated Julianne back in 2008.

They met when they were partners on Season 8 of Dancing With the Stars; however, again, their relationship was short-lived. 

Dane Cook (2010) 

In 2010, Julianne was spotted multiple times with Dane Cook. However, their relationship was never confirmed by any of them.  

Ryan Seacrest (2010-2013) 

Famous Ryan Seacrest was linked in a relationship with Julianne from 2010 to 2013. Undoubtedly, you can tell that this is her most high-profile relationship ever.

In an interview, she said about her relationship with Ryan, “I was reluctant because he is such an influential guy, and what if it didn’t work out? On our first date, I was so nervous that I just sat there and interviewed him with questions like, ‘Are you loyal?’ and, ‘Are you close to your family?'”

After a few dates, their relationship subsided, and there was nothing to be heard of them. 

Brooks Laich (2013-2020)

Julianne Hough was married to Brooks Laich, and this is her longest relationship in the limelight.

The couple was first introduced in 2013 and got engaged in August 2015. In 2017, they finally tied the knot.

However, when COVID-19 caused a global shutdown and quarantine measures in 2020, Brooks and Julianne made headlines for not quarantining together, which may be the start of their marriage to be on the rocks. 

In May 2020, both announced that they were not together and were filing for a divorce. After they broke up a lot of fans have been asking the same question ‘ Who is Julianne Hough Dating. ‘ 

So, who is Julianne Hough dating currently after being divorced from Brooks? 

Who Is Julianne Hough Dating? 2022 Latest Update

Although it was confirmed that she was seen getting all cozy with someone in public, there has been no news about their relationship.

Charlie is an internationally recognized model who is signed with Ursula Wiedmann Model. So to answer the question of fans, who is Julianne Hough dating?

We can assume that it’s Charlie Wilson.

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