Who is Kate Spade? About Kate Spade Death & How She Dies

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Kate Spade is the Co-founder of the famous design house ‘Kate Spade New York’, Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment on June 5, 2018. The 55-year-old businesswoman was found dead in the apartment on Park Avenue by her housekeeping staff at around 10:20 am. The police reported that there was no sign of a break-in, struggle, or burglary.

About Kate Spade Death & How She Dies

Who Is Kate Spade? About Kate Spade Death &Amp; How She Dies

Kate Spade death was concluded to be a suicide as she was found hanging in her apartment. Police say that there was a note in the room which was addressed to Kate Spade’s daughter. Later, Kate Spade’s husband and co-founder of the brand Andy Spade told the press that Kate Spade had been struggling with mental health issues for a long time. He said that she suffered severely from issues like anxiety and depression for years. She had been working with doctors as a part of her treatment but it was very unfortunate that the negative part of her got hold of her will. Kate Spade was estimated to have a net worth of $200 Million at the time of Kate Spade death.

How Famous is Kate Spade?

Initially starting as a handbag store, Kate Spade New York quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. The iconic brand, known for its vibrant colors and floral designs, was created by none other than Kate Spade herself and her husband Andy Spade. In less than two decades it has managed to open more 170 stores across the globe including 140 retail outlets and 30 specialized shops. Today you can find almost any type of product from this world-renowned brand ranging from jewelry and perfume to home decor items.

Who Is Kate Spade? About Kate Spade Death &Amp; How She Dies

The handbag brand became a whooping sensation in the US by the 90s. The idea for the company was by Katherine Noel Brosnahan who later came to be known as Kate Spade. Katherine was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Katherine graduated High School from St Teresa’s Academy and then joined the University of Kansas. From the University of Kansas, she transferred to Arizona State University. Kate Spade majored in Journalism at the University. During her studies, Katherine met Andy Spade, who used to work in a clothing store in Pheonix. They became co-workers and eventually partners -both in life and business.

Upon the completion of their course, the couple moved to New York where they eventually started their business. It was with Andy’s investment from his savings that they started production of their handbags. It was also Andy who suggested the name Kate Spade for the newly launched brand. Kate’s bags were an instant hit among women. They were attracted by the sophisticated look and the price range of the bag was also affordable unlike the luxury brands like Louis Vitton and Burberry. The bags took over New York very easily and once Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief for the world-famous fashion magazine Vogue, recalled that it was impossible to pass a block without spotting a Kate Spade bag.

About Kate Spade New York

After venturing into other areas of fashion like shoes, perfumes, accessories and jewelry, the company eventually started to branch out into home decor items. The Kate Spade ventured also started two other lines -Kate Spade Saturday which focused on more casual handbags and apparel; And Jack Spade ,which concentrated on men’s leather goods and accessories. However, both these shops closed down in 2015.

In 1999, Kate Spade sold a 56% stake in her business to the Neiman Marcus group. The Neiman group is an American integrated luxury retailer which is based in Dallas, Texas. It was done so that she could expand the area of her business and grow into a much bigger chain. After selling the stake in her company, Kate, in 2004, launched a new range of home decor under the name ‘Kate Spade at Home’. Later in 2006, Kate Spade sold the remaining 44% share to the Neiman Marcus Group. The company was then handed over a few times to different managements before it finally landed with Tapestry Inc, of which Kate Spade is still a part.

Kate Spade married Andy Spade in 1994. He is an American businessman and also the co-founder of the brand Kate Spade. Both Andy and Kate Spade met at a very young age and got married eventually. It was Andy who suggested the name Kate Spade for the brand. The couple never got legally divorced but it was evident that they had issues between them. Andy and Kate Spade were living apart for a few months before her death. The couple had a daughter together in 2005. It was following her birth that Kate Spade sold her remaining share in the company. She told that she wanted to take care of her daughter and take some years off from work.

Kate Spade’s new brand, Frances Valentine, launched a collection named ‘Love Katy’ in honor of the late designer. The company is committed to carrying out Kate’s plans and ideas for the brand.

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