Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 2022 Celebrity Latest Update

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Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 

Fans have been curious about Shay Johnson and the pregnancy rumors going around. Finally, she has officially announced her pregnancy. 

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Shay Johnson is pregnant! The star shared the exciting news on her Instagram with a photo of her baby bump. How exciting is that! 

She captioned the photo, “I have kept this secret for months but I am now proud to announce I am pregnant with my first child. I’ve wanted a baby for so long and it is finally happening. Thank you @kontrolmag for sharing this moment with me. Thank you to all of my friends and family who kept my secret and made sure this moment was Everything I wanted it to be. I’m excited to be a new mom and start my new journey with my new blessing.”

Shay also gave fans a sneak peek of her gender reveal. While celebrating the news with loved ones, she welcomed her family on stage for the big reveal. 

Guess what, it’s a baby girl! After this post and revelation, fans went wild!

Now the real question here is, Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 

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Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 2022 Pregnancy Update


Unfortunately, even fans do not know who might be the soon father to be of Shay Johnson’s child. 

Since the reality star didn’t name him in her post, fans are speculating whether she is just keeping his identity private or using a sperm donor.

For three years, the reality star dated Lil Scrappy was also linked to Andre 3000 and even booed up with Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure P while on Love & Hip: Miami. But, no confirmation if any of those two is the father.

 Nothing has been confirmed.

Who is Shay Johnson? 

Shay Johnson is an urban model, reality television personality, and fitness guru originally from Atlanta, Georgia. 

She is known from Love & Hip Hop: Miami and is part of the show’s original eight cast members. She appears as a supporting cast member in the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Although she has not landed any major roles yet, she also has aspirations of being an actress. Shay landed a significant role in the 2016 film, Losing Everything.

Moreover, Shay Johnson is also an entrepreneur. She turned her love of fitness into a business and launched The Healthy Hand, where she sells stomach and thyroid pain relief products.

Now that we know how she is, we are curious: Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By.

Shay Johnson’s Life before Pregnancy

Who Is Shay Johnson Pregnant By? 2022 Pregnancy Update

The road to motherhood hasn’t been easy for Shay.

In 2019, she revealed that her fertility was being compromised by two large fibroids, one the size of a grapefruit.

During those time, she experienced symptoms that included blood clots “larger than the palm of her hand” and experienced fainting spells due to anemia.

According to an Instagram post, “I had every last symptom X’s 10!” she said. “Other symptoms included my anemia which increased because my iron was extremely low due to heavy long extended menstruation. My menstrual would last up to 14 days. When I was normal, it was six days. I was also advised at the rate my tumor was growing, it would affect my having children.”

She had it hard. As mentioned, there is no confirmation regarding Who is Shay Johnson is Pregnant By. We can wait and stay posted for updates on her social media accounts as she might mention the father’s name there. 

We cannot speculate Who is Shay Johnson Pregnant By because he does not have a boyfriend currently, and she has not made any comment regarding this matter. 

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