Windy City Rehab Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled?

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Windy City Rehab is an American reality TV show created by Paul Abbott and produced by Bonanza Productions, John Wells Productions, Warner Bros. Television alongside Showtime Networks. The show first aired on HGTV on January 1, 2019, and had two installments so far.

Viewers have been waiting for the official announcement as to when or if there would be Windy City Rehab Season 3 in the works.

Windy City Rehab Plot and Synopsis

If you haven’t seen the first two seasons of Windy City Rehab, here’s a quick summary of the storyline for you.

Alison Victoria who is an interior designer acquires and restores historic properties. Victoria saves one-of-a-kind architectural characteristics while she upgrades the design with her opulent style.

Later on, Alison Victoria heads to her hometown Chicago to renovate old homes in the city’s historic districts. During the rehab, she is able to save a one-of-a-kind architectural feature while updating the designs.

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Who is Alison Victoria?

Windy City Rehab Season 3: Will It Be Renewed?

If you’ve been a fan of HGTV for a few years,  then you might have an idea who Alison Victoria is.  She is best known for her witty personality and incredible interior design skills.

Recap on the first 2 Seasons

In the first season of Windy City Rehab, more than 24.5 million viewers watched Alison take on big city renovations.

In the past episodes of the show, fans watched Alison almost lose everything. She persevered through challenging setbacks which included permit delays and stop-work orders. Yet she did not fail to complete working on gorgeous overhauls of older homes.

Throughout the show, she has been relying on her resourcefulness and design expertise to be able to create gorgeous homes with modern layouts and luxurious style. Alison worked and persevered to finish overhauling homes to be able to attract high-end buyers.

Season 2 later opens with an acknowledgment of the legal troubles between them.  The business partnership between the host and designer Alison Victoria Gramenos and contractor Donovan Eckhardt later unravels on the premiere with Gramenos saying that Eckhardt is “acting like a baby. I want to be gentle sometimes, but then other times I want to rip his face off.”

The question now is, what can we expect on Windy City Rehab Season 3?

Updates on Windy City Rehab Season 3

Windy City Rehab Season 3 Yet To Be Confirmed

As of February 2022, the show has two seasons and can be watched on HGTV. We have yet to wait for an official announcement coming from the producers to know if they will be having Windy City Rehab Season 3 premiere. Yet, you don’t have to lose hope. No announcement does not imply that the show is going to be canceled.

Alison when interviewed said, “I love what I do and I’m determined to succeed. It’s truly been an extraordinary experience.” From this statement from her, we can assume that she is eager to renew her contract for the reality tv show.

For now, let us keep ourselves busy as we wait for Windy City Rehab Season 3 to be officially announced as confirmation for the renewal.

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