Worst Roommate Ever: Netflix’s New Series 2022

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Worst Roommate Ever is Netflix’s new five-part true-crime docuseries, and we are all up for it.

Are you a fan of crime, mystery, and true-to-life series? Then this one is for you. In the upcoming series, Netflix and Blumhouse Television explore the murderous roommates from hell, and it premiers this 2022. 

If you are a subscriber to the streaming platform, you know that true-crime documentaries are a staple in the streaming site. It is no doubt that a lot has been anticipating true-to-life crime documentaries, which is why many shows in this genre have been showing up. 

Netflix most recently released The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate ConmanInventing Anna, and The Tinder Swindlerall based on true-to-life stories. 

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From con artists to stone-cold killers, Netflix looks at several stories where seemingly harmless roommates turned into real-life nightmares.

Continue to read to know more about the exact release date, plot, and cast of the docuseries. 

Worst Roommate Ever: Plot

Worst Roommate Ever To Air This March 2022

Netflix’s new series will share four very unsettling true stories about some of the worst roommates ever.

The series will focus on four terrifying cases of different people, some of which occurred in the ’80s.

Worst Roommate Ever Plot will include interviews from the victims, who will share their experiences on these haunting stories and detail how the people they lived with revealed their evil and sometimes violent intentions.

One of the cases featured is the story of Dorothea Puente, the 1980s serial killer convicted of killing tenants who lived in her downtown home.

Aside from her, K.C. Joy, Youssef Khater, and Jamison Bachman will be the subjects of this series and the heinous crimes.

Regarding the story of Khater whose story will be told in the series, he has an encounter with his 23-year-old roommate Callie Quinn. One time, after both had dinner and drinks, Khater lured Quinn to a nearby home under the pretenses of finding and stealing a golden toilet seat.

However, as was reported, Khater hit and strangled Quinn, leaving a massive gash in her head and knocking her unconscious. After doing such a crime, he returned home, claiming he had been out with other friends and hadn’t seen Quinn.

This is just one of the stories featured in Worst Roommate Ever. 

Watch out for the series this 2022 to know more!

Worst Roommate Ever: Official Trailer 

Does the Worst Roommate Ever has an available official trailer?

Yes! Netflix has released a short trailer for the viewers to see what to anticipate in the docuseries. 

Check it out here!

YouTube video

If you start with the trailer, it sets off with an eerie 911 call of a person telling the dispatcher that they are afraid that something might happen to them because of their roommate.

One interviewee stated that true evil exists in this world as the trailer continues, usually manifested in people. Photos of the four sinister subjects of the show, three men and one woman, soon flash on the screen before these culprits are described as scammers and overall dangerous criminals.

Names were mentioned, which may be the four names of those who scammed their way in to become house residents. 

In the latter part, it becomes clear that these roommates did some unspeakable things.

Worst Roommate Ever: Release Date 

Worst Roommate Ever To Air This March 2022

The series will be released this March 1, 2022, on Netflix, and the episodes will be available for streaming from 8 AM (BST). 

Since Worst Roommate Ever is dropping next week, the fans won’t have to wait long for their next Netflix binge.

They will soon be seeing the unsettling true stories chronicle of the masked menace that can be lurking right down the hall will be soon aired on the streaming platform, and we are ready for it. 

Mark your calendars and set your alarms on March 1 to know what happens to the Worst Roommates Ever. 

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