Your Lie in April Season 2: Release Date, Cast and More!

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Are you excited for Your Lie in April Season 2?

Another anime series has taken the heart of the viewers and they cannot wait for the second installment to come out. Ever since the release of the first season, Your Lie in April has been the talk of the town, and that is no mystery!

It has been a fan favorite because of its heartwarming romantic drama storyline and it’s a delightful plot that intertwines both romance and music perfectly.

Here’s everything we know about Your Lie in April Season 2.

What is Your Lie in April About?

Your Lie In April Season 2 Update

Your Lie in April is a Japanese romantic manga series, also known as Shigastu Wa Kimi No Uso. The series is an adaptation of the dramatic comedy manga that was illustrated by Naoshi Arakwa.

The manga was serialized in Kodansha’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Magazine from April 2011 to May 2015.

Your Lie in April follows the story of a fourteen-year-old pianist named Kо̄sei Arima, who loses the ability to hear the piano after his mother’s death and his experiences after he meets violinist Kaori Miyazono.

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After two years of the tragic incident, Kōsei has not touched the piano and views the world in monochrome. He often spends time with his friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryōta Watari and does not do any extra-curricular activities.

Your Lie in April Season 2: Release Date – Will there be another season?

There has been a lot of rumors going around regarding the second installment of the series. Unfortunately, there are no official announcements yet.

According to reports, it is also unlikely to have another season because, in the first installment, the story was already wrapped up nicely. Moreover, the author said that majority of the narrative has already been settled.

Although, of course, anime series are always open to plot twists and turns so we cannot really know for sure.

The first season of Your Lie in April’premiered on October 10, 2014, and concluded on March 20, 2015. If we are to assume the gap year, it has already been 7 years since we have not heard of a second season.

And since a lot are still hungover from those waves of emotions, sources also say that we might be able to hear from the creators soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Your Lie in April Season 2: Cast Information

Your Lie In April Season 2 Update

Sadly, we do not have any information regarding the official cast of Your Lie in April Season 2 yet since there have been no official announcements yet regarding its renewal.

If you have seen the first season, you know that the characters were great. If we assume to have Your Lie in April Season 2 is happening, we expect to see the original characters again if the narrative continues. Although, we cannot be so sure about the voice actors returning because it has been 7 years already since the production of Season  1.

Here is the list of the original character and voice actors from the first season:

  • Erica Lindbeck in the voice of Kaori Miyazono
  • Erica Mendez in the voice of Tsubaki Sawabe
  • Kyle McCarley in the voice of Ryouta Watari
  • Max Mittelman in the voice of Arima Kousei
  • Amanda C. Miller is the voice of Toshiya Miike
  • Carrie Keranen in the voice of Hiroko Seto
  • ristina Valenzuela in the voice of Koharu Seto
  • Ann Taylor in the voice of Nao Kashiwagi
  • Keith Silverstein in the voice of Kazama
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn in the voice of Yoshiko Ochiai
  • Erik Scott Kimerer in the voice of Takeshi Aiza
  • Erika Harlacher in the voice of Emi Agawa Julie

Stay tuned and updated if the creators will be announcing a confirmation regarding Your Lie in April Season 2.

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