A Model Family Season 1 Summary, storyline, casts – Is there going to be A Model Family Season 2?

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A Model Family Season 1

A Model Family is a well-written, fascinating, and wonderfully perverse criminal thriller. The series’ storyline, inspired by Breaking Bad to a certain extent, is still highly engaging and inventive. If you like to know more about A Model Family or the upcoming Season, you have come to the correct place.

The storyline of “A Model Family” Season 1

Breaking Bad seems to have served as a source of inspiration for the plotline of A Model Family, but as the tale unfolds, we notice that the series is drawing on Breaking Bad’s legendary status. A Model Family is, like Money Heist – Korea and All of Us are Dead, a narrative inspired by big fish in western culture. 

A Model Family focuses on the story of a family who falls into financial ruin when the husband, a professor, becomes involved in a drug cartel. After stealing money from the cartel, he and his family become responsible for completing missions to keep them safe.

The Casts of A Model Family Season 1

A Model Family Season 1

  • Jung Woo as Dong-ha
  • Park Hee-soon as Gwang-cheol
  • Yoon Jin-Seo as Eun-Joo
  • Park Ji-yeon as Joo-hyun
  • Kim Sung-oh as Choi Kang-jun
  • Kim Shin-bi as Oh Jae-chan
  • Park Doo-Shik as Min-Gyu
  • Shin Eun-soo as Yeon-woo
  • Seok Min-gi as Hyun-woo
  • Heo Jin-na
  • Won Hyun-jun

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Is the Korean show “A Model Family” based on “Breaking Bad?”

A Model Family differs from Breaking Bad in a variety of ways. Both the series are motivated by the core concept of financing financial obligations through the illicit drug trade ( for that matter, every series about drugs has it). However, both shows have different endings, writing, and plots.

A Model Family Season 1 Summary

A Model Family Season 1

Park Dong-Ha is an assistant professor at a university. He wants a promotion to provide for his family adequately. Byeong-gu, his schoolmate and colleague, persuades him to bribe Professor Kim, the son of the director of the Korea University Foundation, to receive a promotion. Professor Park withdraws money from his savings account and gives it to Professor Kim. Professor Park finds out through news that Professor Kim has been arrested on charges of sexual assault at the outset of the series.

Soon after, Byeong-gu informs him that he will not be reimbursed for his money or advancement. Hyun-heart woo’s surgery has been delayed because his mother, Mrs. Kang Eun-Ju, was saving this money for it. Hyun-woo is afflicted with a weak but potentially fatal heart condition.

Professor Park feels very Low and helpless after losing all his money. His family relationships are deteriorating, and he can’t do anything to stop them. He feels even worse when a car crashes into him from behind while parked on a quiet road. But upon exiting his vehicle to check the damage, he discovers two dead bodies and large sums of blood-stained cash littering the ground. The professor places the money in a bag and drives to another location. Then, he transported the deceased to his residence in Yongbong, where he cleaned the vehicle and buried the dead. Later, he drives the car to a lake in Deoksong-Ri Village, where he throws deceased men’s cell phones into the water.

The money that Professor Park had stolen belonged to the Yongsoo Ring, a South Korean narcotics distribution ring. When Hwang Yong-soo, the leader of the Yongsoo Ring, discovered that their money had been pinched, he summoned his muscleman Ma Kwang-Chul and instructed him to get it back – without which they would both be dead at the hands of execution from SangseonRing. Kwang-Chul goes to Professor Park’s neighborhood in search of cash; since that was the final location, the SUV stopped, and he thinks someone has taken it.

Kang Joo-Hyun, a narcotics officer, looking into the Sangseon Ring, follows Kwang-Chul in. Later, it was revealed that Joo-Hyun had inserted an undercover policewoman named Yoo Han-Cheol into the Yongseo Ring. Professor Park discovered Han-Cheol’s body in his vehicle and buried him in his garden. Joo-Hyun, feeling guilty for Han’s disappearance and Cheol-disappearance, takes matters into her own hands to help him find closure. Professor Park has a lot of cash–enough to live very comfortably–but because he doesn’t know how to launder it, the money sits in his garage until someone discovers it.

Modern Family Season 1 Total Episode count?

There are ten episodes in total in “A Model Family” Season 1. The titles of the Season are still unknown to us, but we will update you with episode titles as soon as we get to know them!

Is there going to be A Model Family Season 2?

No confirmation has been given by the creators of A Model Family for season 2, even though season 1 was released on August 12, 2022. Based on the story’s content and pacing, it is safe to say that another season is probable. The series’ platform performance will be what decides whether or not a second season happens.

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