Google Android 13 Beta Version Released

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Google Android 13 Beta Version Released: June started with a new Google release of the third Android 13 beta. Although the version does not have many exciting features, it does put the OS at the first stage of having platform stability. 

What Android 13 Beta can offer is already big news for the health of Android, and we are lucky to see it finally. 

Android 13 changes include the new notifications permission and corner Clipboard preview and Clipboard preview. Other than that, Google Android 13 Beta Version Released has more to offer.

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Google Android 13 Beta Version roll out

The Android Beta for Pixel offers a simple way to try pre-release versions of Android and test drive new features. Finally, Android 13 Beta is now available, and it gives you early access to test a new quality for our next unreleased platform, which is in active development. 

Google Android 13 Beta Version Released

The Google Android 13 Beta Version roll out today comes almost a month after the release of the second beta. Accordingly, there will be another beta in July that we have to look out for. 

Google Android 13 Beta Version Release paves the way for necessary features, and everyone is up for that, especially platform stability.

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What’s New on Android 13 Beta Version? 

With Android 13 Beta 3, platform stability is guaranteed. 

According to Google, the release of Android 13 Beta 3 takes them to the final phase of the cycle, where they will focus on polish and performance. Moreover, core privacy and security themes were built, including developer, productivity, and large screen support. 

Google Android 13 Beta Version Released

In the new Google Android 13 Beta Version Released, there is a lot to explore to improve the OS. Starting from privacy features to further notification permission and photo picker. Also included are productivity features like themed app icons and per-app language support. 

Aside from what has been mentioned, Google also extended the newer updates made in 12L, giving everyone better tools to take advantage of tablets and large screen devices in active use. 

The highlight of Android Beta 3 is it takes us to Platform Stability. This only means that the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are final. 

Regarding Platform Stability, a milestone that means all app-facing behaviors and APIs, including the official API level and NDK API are already final. Thus, you can already develop and release your compatibility updates knowing that the platform won’t change. 

Google  also reached out to all app and game developers to start making their final compatibility testing for them to prepare to publish ahead of the final release.

App compatibility means that the app runs as intended on a new platform version. With each release, we can make necessary changes to the platform that can improve the privacy and security settings and the overall user experience. 

Aside from Platform stability and app compatibility, the Google Android 13 Beta Version Released also supports tablets and large screens to Android. Thus, Google Android 13 wants to test its tablet apps, including media and camera preview features. 

Another one you might want to check in Outlook. If you want to try it out on the device, Google has covered how to install the Android 13 betas on the Pixel. 

Google Android 13 Beta Version Released

Now that you know the feature of the Google Beta Update, then Beta 3 is already the best choice to test your app. You can already enroll your Pixel device to get the update over the air. Another way to test your app with Android 13 Beta is on instruments from several partners. 

Partners you can test the Google Android 13 Beta Version Released are: 

  • Asus
  • Google Pixel
  • Lenovo
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Real Me 

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