After a Domestic Violence Arrest, a 21-Year Old Kansas State Legislator has been Accused of Driving Under the Influence

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Controversial Four weeks after he was arrested and charged with domestic battery, Kansas state rep. Aaron Coleman, 21, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving over the weekend, prompting legislators to renew calls for his resignation.

A representative for Kansas City, Democratic Coleman was taken into custody at 1 a.m. Saturday by the Kansas State Highway Patrol on Interstate 70. According to Douglas County jail records, he was released later in the day after posting a $250 bond.

His family had been involved in an incident on Oct. 30 that resulted in him being charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. In Johnson County District Court on Nov. 2, he pleaded not guilty and posted bail, according to court records.

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Court documents allege that the defendant spat, punched, and shoved his brother and then threatened his grandfather in the affidavit, reports KSNT of Topeka. Dec. 22 is the date of his next court appearance in the domestic violence case.

Earlier this year, Coleman was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives to represent the 37th Legislative District.

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Social media comments and his abusive behavior toward female students in middle school came under scrutiny during the election. When he was running for office, he admitted that he had engaged in online bullying, blackmail, and revenge p**n, and he apologized to several middle school girls for their targeted abuse. When he was 14, he was “sick and troubled,” he said.

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Over his history of abuse, 13 Democrats filed a complaint in January in an effort to remove Coleman from office. His conduct was “unfitting” for a lawmaker, according to a House committee, which issued a written warning.

According to the Kansas City Star, Coleman was banned from state Labor Department property last month after he was accused of beating a police officer.

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