Alone Season 9: Is the show to be Renewed or Canceled?

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Are you dying to see Alone Season 9 on-screen?

Season 9 is one of the highly anticipated installments in the series, and the viewers have been passionately waiting to know its release date since Season 8 premiered.

Here’s everything we know so far about Alone Season 9. 

What is Alone all about? – Storyline 

Alone Season 9: Renewed Or Canceled?

Alone is an American adventure reality game show on History Channel.

It first premiered on June 18, 2015, while the Second Season premiered on April 21, 2016. Alone Season 3 premiered on December 8. The fourth season was set in Northern Vancouver and premiered on June 8, 2017.

In Northern Mongolia, Alone Season 5 was set and premiered on June 14, 2018, while Season 6 premiered on June 6, 2019.

Because of the success of the reality show, the seventh season premiered on June 11, 2020, and the most recent installment, which was officially titled Alone: Grizzly Mountain, premiered on June 3, 2021. But when will the 8th season air? 

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How does the reality show work? 

The reality television show follows the self-documented daily struggles of 10 individuals who try to survive alone in the wilderness, fighting for the grand prize of $500,000. They can hold for as long as possible using a limited amount of survival equipment. 

The participants in the show are isolated from each other and all other humans throughout the series. They may also tap out at any time or be removed due to a failed medical check-in.

The past eight seasons have been filmed across remote locations, usually on Indigenous-controlled lands, including northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Northern Mongolia, Great Slave Lake, and Chilko Lake.

Will there be an Alone Season 9? – Renewed or Canceled

Unfortunately, we have not heard from the producers yet to renew the shown for another season. However, we might have available hints around the corner! 

Reports say that Alone Season 9 is likely to happen and that the fans can rest easy as it appears the History channel plans to move forward with it. It also says that the products have already started the casting process and accept Season 9.

Alone Season 9: Release Date 

Although reports say that production has already started the casting for Season 9, we have no official date yet and an announcement regarding the ninth installment. Although, fans predict that we might see Alone Season 9 in the middle of 2022.

Again, we have to wait and see when the show will officially air. Who knows, they might be preparing something big this time!

Alone Season 9: Cast 

Alone Season 9: Renewed Or Canceled?

Since there has been no official announcement yet regarding Season 9, we have no idea who the cast or contestants will be.

As mentioned, the producers might have already started the casting, and it is possible that just like all other seasons, Season 9 may also include many tough-as-nails, level-headed survivors to win the cash prize. 

If you have seen the eighth season of the show, you may have remembered the four finalists, Rose Anna Moore, Colter Barnes, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, and Biko Wright, who tapped out due to severe malnutrition frostbite, and other medical issues.

Also, the eight-season winner, Clay Hayes, survived a whopping 74 days in the Canadian wilderness before he won the grand prize. Talk about brave!

What to Expect for Alone Season 9?

Sadly, we have no details about the ninth season of Alone yet. 

Suppose we are to base from the previous seasons of the show. In that case, the ninth season may include ten contestants who brave a remote wilderness to survive by catching their food, making shelter, and keeping sanity all within 100 days.

You can always rewatch the past episodes if you feel like checking out how these contestants, especially the winners, survived the wilderness on their own.

Let us know what you think!

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