Pfizer Vaccine For Under 5 Age Now Available: Safe and Effective

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The USA FDA and White House officially announced that the COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine is finally allowed to use by kids under the age of 5. The announcement came after the result of the study showing that the vaccine is safe and effective for kids belonging to the age group. 

An analysis by the USA FDA was done to assess what COVID vaccine for children are the best choice to protect them from the virus.

If you are curious for more details regarding the Pfizer COVID Vaccine? Continue reading for the details.

Kids Under the age 5 for Pfizer Vaccine

Just recently, the Federal health officials of the United States of America announced that kid-size doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested are already proven safe and effective for kids under 5.

Pfizer Vaccine

The recent study makes it a winning situation for America as this has been the long-awaited decision for the world to administer vaccines to young children.

As announced by the White House, the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines for under 5 kids  are ready to use in the upcoming weeks and are available as early as June 21.

The FDA announced, “We expect vaccinations to begin as soon as June 21. It will take some time to ramp up the program.”

The data of the FDA proves that three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are effective for the children to protect them from symptomatic infections, which made them come up with the decision regarding the authorization of pediatric COVID-19 vaccines.

Although this has already been authorized for the young children, it is still mandated that they get recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the vaccines, and for them to successfully administer the vaccines to the kids.

Pfizer Vaccine

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Aside from having Pfizer as the authorized COVID vaccine for children under the age of 5, Moderna has also submitted their FDA and EUA to allow them for pediatric vaccine administering.

It is noted in the reports that there are at least 3% of United States COVID-19 cases belong to the age group of 6 months to 4 years, and among them has the highest death rate compared to older children. This is why, for the experts, the state must do something to protect them against the virus.

Benefits of the Pfizer Vaccine on Kids Under 5?

SAFER and more EFFECTIVE – These are the words the FDA has said regarding the Pfizer Vaccine for children below the age of 5.

Pfizer Vaccine

As mentioned, FDA found out in their study that those who received the Pfizer shots during their testing developed high levels of virus-fighting antibodies that are expected to protect their bodies against the coronavirus.

Moreover, the Pfizer vaccine that is given in a three-shot series came out 80% more effective in preventing the symptoms of the coronavirus. The study reported on 10 cases diagnosed among the study participants. Pfizer continues to improve and study the result as well. 

Looking back 2021, Pfizer announced that when they tested only two-dose series for children in the age group, it did not produce a strong enough immune response for their bodies which is why they continued to study it and test how a third pediatric does is more effective. 

Compared to Modernas two-dose series, it only came out 40% to 50% effective in preventing mild infections. 

Regarding how safe the COVID vaccine for children is, the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety provided that the Pfizer vaccine has clear benefits in all groups, making it safe to use, especially for the kids under the age of 5. 

The next step to successfully administering the vaccines would be for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend how to use the Pfizer vaccine. 

Although there has been no clear decision yet regarding the demand for these vaccines, in the recent surveys, it came out that only 1 out of 5 kids will only get vaccinated based on what the parents answered. 

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