Re-Vote by Amazon Employees in the Alabama Warehouse after Official of Us Labor Board Orders

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Charles kenny
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“San Francisco,” Nov. 29 (Reuters): “Reuters”: “San Francisco”: “San Francisco”: “Reuters”: ” This week’s announcement by a National Labor Relations Board regional director sets the stage for yet another high-profile battle between Amazon workers and the world’s largest online retailer, Inc. (AMZN.O).

An organizing drive that garnered support from U.S. lawmakers and President Joe Biden failed to get the Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse workers to join a union by more than two to one in April. NLRB hearing officers concluded in August that the company’s conduct in the run-up to the previous vote had hampered the outcome of the vote.

Union campaigns in New York and Canada have put pressure on Amazon as a result of the company’s decision to re-do the project. Organizing the company is seen as a landmark goal for the labor movement in the United States.

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Kelly Nantel, an Amazon spokesperson, said in a statement that the company’s employees overwhelmingly rejected the RWDSU this year. Because of the NLRB’s decision, those votes will no longer be counted.

Already, Amazon and the RWDSU are gearing up for the second round of voting. Thousands of employees have been made to attend meetings about unions and signs critical of unions have been posted in the bathrooms of the workplace.

Amazon Employees In The Alabama Warehouse

It is clear that Amazon’s intimidation and interference prevented workers from making an informed decision about unionization, according to Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

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Amazon “engaged in objectionable conduct that warrants setting aside the election” in Monday’s decision, according to the NLRB regional director.

An investigation found that the company had installed a mailbox at one of its warehouses with the Postal Service to encourage employees to vote, surrounded the mailbox with its campaign slogan, and placed it in a location where workers might have thought Amazon had been spying on them.

There is no word on when the second election will take place or how it will be conducted.

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