Apple Announces Vision Pro

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In a landmark event, Apple announced its most ambitious new hardware product in years: Vision Pro, a mixed reality VR/AR headset, alongside other product updates and partnerships. The Vision Pro, a high-tech headset connected to a battery pack, is designed to work with a slate of apps, including a large number of iPad and iPhone apps available at launch. Users could fire up Adobe Lightroom and edit photos using just their eyes and hands, while other apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Teams, along with Zoom and Webex by Cisco, will also gain full access to Vision Pro’s features​1​.

Notably, the platform Unity will have full access to the Vision Pro’s features as well, a partnership that saw Unity’s stock surge by more than 17% on Monday. Apple’s shares, however, experienced a slight drop of 0.76%, falling short of closing at an all-time high after the product announcement​1​.

The Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 and is slated to debut in early 2024, providing developers ample time to build new apps compatible with the system. This price point is significantly higher than its closest competitor, the Meta Quest Pro, which retails at $999​1​.

Alongside the Vision Pro, Apple also introduced updates to the MacBook Air and Mac Pro, and announced software updates for iPhone, Mac, iPad, AirPods, and Watch, which include new health, video conferencing, and privacy features. This announcement wrapped up Apple’s WWDC presentation, setting the stage for an entirely new way for users to connect with apps from Apple and other developers​1​.

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