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Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Fantastic news for everyone, the second season of the fan favourite horror series Chucky has been given another green light to air. It will be airing sometime late this year, so you don’t want to miss this one. If you will remember, the Cult of Chucky has created definite looks from the multiple versions of Chucky. But this horror TV series has made the opportunity for the Chucky Army into a group showing their different personalities. The Chucky mayhem will be more exciting and fun in the upcoming Chucky Season 2. After watching this series, let us see if you are still able to look at your doll the same way again?

If we still remember, Season 1 gave us the prospect of this entire army of Chucky being unleashed to the country with Charles Lees’ soul possessing every one of them. The production is excited for this one since the first season held a high 90% Tomatometer score and 88% audience’s score based on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is warped, full of surprises and a very doll-like series with a twist.

Chucky Season 2 Released Date

Now, since the renewal of the series has been recently announced in November 2021 and it will be the continuation of “Cult of Chucky”, there is no specific date set on when the release and other details are. Indeed, we are expecting the second series this 2022 to be aired.

The creator, Don Mancini, shared from one of the interviews, “We’re thrilled to start pulling the strings on the second season of puppet mayhem with Chucky. Many thanks to our partners at the USA, Syfy and UCP, for their incredible support and guidance in bringing Chucky to the small screen, bigger than ever.”

If the first season aired in October, nearly Halloween, it seems like the second season would follow it, too. The production wants to follow that tradition for a perfect timing that does suit the new plot and environment of the series.

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What is the Chucky Season 2 all about?

Zackary Arthur will be returning as the role of the main protagonist and Jake Wheeler as the Chucky owner, while Brad Durf returns as a voice actor for the murderous doll Chucky. Also, other casts from Season 1 confirm a return for the next season, including Devin Evan and Lexi Cross.

Based on what we know so far about the upcoming second instalment of Season 2, it could be challenging since the trailer did not show much of the details. It will indeed cause chaos for Chucky; imagine how many are on the next one and what could be the story flow all about. On the official Twitter account of the show on November 30, 2021, the caption stated, “I always come back, a new season of Chucky coming in 2022.” Along with this, it could be a one bloody hell film that will remark a successful wrap up for the production.

Chucky Season 2 Cast and Characters

Zackary Arthur – plays the role of Jake Wheeler, an American actor best known for his film Sammy Sullivan in the 5th Wave and the series Transparent.
Björgvin Arnarson – plays the role of Devon Evans. He made his first debut in 2019 in the TV series Family Time where people noticed his outstanding acting skills.
Alyvia Alyn – plays the role of Lexy Cross. She is most known for her role as Faith Newman on The Young and The Restless.
Teo Briones – plays the role of Junior Wheeler, the cousin of Jake Wheeler.
Brad Dourif – as the voice behind Chucky’s deadly voice.

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