Lost Ollie: Cast, Plot, Latest Update, and Review!

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The magnificent classic animation series Lost ollie was released on August 24, 2022. It is a vast animated series on Netflix, created and directed by Shannon Tindle and Peter Ramsey. The show consists of four seasons: Ollie is lost,’ ‘The Quest,’ ‘Bali Hai,’ and ‘Home.’

Groff narrates the story of Ollie, the titular character, based on Willam Joyce’s novel “Ollie’s Odyssey.” The series follows his journey home after everything is lost–particularly his memories. A touching and soul-crushing visual experience, Lost Ollie falls under the genre of live-action animated series and children’s fantasy.

Lost Ollie

When was Lost Ollie Released?

Netflix released the heart-melting and magnificent tale of Ollie (Lost Ollie) on August 24, 2022. The series consists of four seasons, making its audience happy and attractive. This series will lead to emotional purgation as it explores the sensitive issue of ‘being lost.’

The internet has been whole with many reviews since its release on Netflix on August 24. The majority of the feedback is positive because of their jubilant presentation.

Where To Watch Lost Ollie?

Netflix is a popular online platform on which millions of people stream series and movies. Netflix is the ideal option for those looking to indulge in a wide range of TV shows and movies. The Pandemic represented a significant shift in the entertainment business, with OTT platforms as its most noticeable impact.

Lost Ollie is a 45-50 minute Netflix movie focusing on the main character, Ollie, and his various experiences.

Lost Ollie

Lost Ollie Cast

Voice casts

  • Jonathan Groff for Ollie
  • Mary J Blige for Rosy
  • Tim Blake Nelson for Zozo

Other casts include

  • Gina Rodriguez as Momma 
  • Jake Johnson as Daddy
  • Kesler Tabolt as Billy
  • William Carson as cute young Billy
  • BJ Harrison as Flossie
  • Everette Apples as Mike Apple
  • Zoe Noelle Baker as Jolene
  • Isabel Birch as Suzy
  • James Pizzinato as Suzy’s dad

What’s In The Lost Ollie Trailer?

Ollie’s iridescent life is stunningly portrayed in the trailer through his introduction to his family Billy and how they play together in the snow.

In the video, Billy emphasizes to Ollie that they should be together under any circumstances. In the following sequence shown in the trailer, one of Billy’s classmates snatches Ollie away from him and throws it into a river.

With a floundering mind, Billy is apprehensive as he posts photos of Ollie across the street. The following scene finds Ollie sitting inside a box, where a lady with astonishment addresses him as “a handsome guy.” The battle of Ollie began there.

YouTube video

Ollie, Rosy (a Ninja teddy), and Zozo embark on a journey to find Billy. In the trailer, we see how Billy is grieving from his loss, and his mother tells Ollie that he needs to be there for her son during tough times. Even the trailer is touching with its emotional effect.

Lost Ollie Plot 

The story focuses on Ollie and Billy’s soul connection as companions and their struggles and challenges. With a heavy heart, the live-action adventure animated series will keep audiences at the end.

Billy was adopted, and he struggled a lot. Ollie was the only person he could ever confide in. They spent lots of memorable moments together, along with his family. But as the story unfolds, things turn pretty nasty.

In the next few episodes, Ollie and his new friends start their journey to find Billy. Even though Ollie can’t remember much, he continues working hard to jolt his memories back to return to being best friends with Billy.

Ollie hangs out with his friend Zozo when they stumble across an abandoned amusement park. This change in behavior from his friend baffles Ollie, but he soon discovers the truth behind it. While at the park, Zozo’s love, Nina, gets taken away from him, leaving a big hole in his life.

Things got ugly, to Ollie’s surprise. When Zozo tortures Ollie and tries to kill him, Rosy stabs him to death. Ollie was able to triumph over his fear and run straight into a school.

When Billy’s schoolmate threw Ollie and ridiculed him, Billy felt guilty because he didn’t try to save him. The deep remorse he experienced was beyond his understanding.

The film’s final sequence shows Ollie sinking into a puddle of water. A guy picks up this doll, cleans him, and gives him a fresh start. Suzy arrives, ecstatic to discover a new toy, and screams his name, Ollie. Billy is surprised to hear the name Ollie and realizes he has found an old buddy again.


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