Avery Cyrus Net Worth: Age, Boyfriend, Bio/Wiki !

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Avery Blanchard, also known as Avery Cyrus, is a YouTuber, tik-toker, and social media influencer who has quickly gained popularity in her country for her lip sync tik-tok videos.

Avery Cyrus Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Bio, And More

Avery Cyrus was born on May 23, 2000, and she is now at the age of 22. Within this age, Avery has managed to maintain a well-authorised social media profile because of her unparagoned talents.

The primary reason for her fame and recognition among other people in the industry is that her videos are far from being mundane or unimportant.

Full name Avery Blanchard
Profession Social media influencer
Sources of Income Social Media
Biggest Assets Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok
Residence California, US
Date of Birth May 23, 2000
Age 22
Gender Female
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Education Colleyville Heritage High School
Houston University
Children None
Wealth Type Selfmade
Net Worth $2 Million

She was born into a wealthy family, and much of her current riches come from social media platforms.

Avery Cyrus Biography

Avery Cyrus is famous for her challenge videos on YouTube and was born on May 23, 2000. Avery is now at her youth stage of 22 years old. Indeed, Avery inexplicably garnered much fame for her Tik Tok videos.

Avery Cyrus is well-known for her amazing lip sync videos on Tik Tok. Born in Texas, USA to a mixed ethnicity family, Avery holds Christian religious beliefs. Her father being a businessman, she was pretty lucky to be born to Scott Blanchard and Sylvia Flores Bugarin.

How Much Is Avery Cyrus Networth In 2022?

Avery Blanchard aka Avery Cyrus is one among the riveting tik tok stars, an Instagram personality, and a strong social media influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of approximately 1 to 2 Million.

The majority of her wealth comes from social media platforms. She is more well-known than most other people in her age group and has gained a lot of fame and fortune from her videos.

Avery Cyrus Early Life

According to the sources Avery Cyrus is luckily born into a well-settled family. Though more about her family details are not unknown, her father Scott Blanchard is a well-equipped businessman and her mother is Sylvia Flores Bugarin.


As per the reports on Instagram she has a baby brother named Jake. Avery Cyrus has a step-sister and her name is Brandi and also she has three brothers, Braison, Trace, and Christopher. Avery’s schooling was at Colleyville Heritage High School. She completed her graduation from Houston University. Then Averys pursued social media rather than any other jobs.

Avery Cyrus Physical Stats

Avery Cyrus is 22 years old and stands at a height of 172 cm. She weighs about 58 kg, or 128 Lbs. Her breathtaking blue eyes and blonde hair are the primary elements that will attract others to her.

Avery Cyrus Career

Avery Cyrus out of the blue rose to fame after her Tik Tok videos went viral. Her lip sync was the central reason for her videos’ popularity, and fans appreciated this aspect of her content. As her follower count on Instagram soared to 338K, Avery stepped into the world of fame and recognition.

Avery Cyrus has been recognized by many famous brands, but most of her wealth comes from her professional TikTok career. Avery rose to prominence in the TikTok community very quickly and earned a lot of recognition for her unique videos. Her YouTube videos focused on challenging videos, which was different from other content creators at the time.


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In most of her videos, she tried to make her content primarily for LGBTQ audiences and that was the most effective and innovative in her style Avery became one of the strongest and most recognised LGBTQ content creators on social media with a wider range of recognition. She joined this tik tok in 2019 and within the blink of eyes, she has well managed to make her social media career a great success.

She is very active on her social media profiles and she often tweets and posts and each of her posts and tweets would gather a plethora of likes and shares.

Avery Cyrus Personal LifeAre Jojo Siwa And Avery Cyrus Still Dating?

According to reports, Avery Cyrus is currently seeing Soph Mosca. Siwa rumors are flying around the internet after JoJo released an adorable and side-splitting tik tok video in which she refers to her as the most happy girl. This speculation stems from JoJo’s statement that Avery Cyrus is the happiest girl she has ever met.

Avery Cyrus

This one single sentence has now been misinterpreted and social media has taken this opportunity to shower their assumptions regarding her personal life. But both JoJo and Avery Cyrus haven’t responded to this speculation. Another speculation is that Avery shares any kind of relationship with Miley Cyrus. But the truth is they both don’t share any connection.

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