Batwoman Season 4 Canceled – Why Season 4 Didn’t Happen?

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Batwoman had been on The CW for almost four years before the network decided not to renew it for a fourth season. Why wasn’t it renewed? Batwoman is one of the Arrowverse’s most well-known entries, set in the same universe as previous installments Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning.

Its 2019 debut on The CW was to massive ratings, and while they steadily dropped for a little while, it found an loyal audience that stuck with it. Despite different challenges like a doubtful trailer or losing its lead after the first season, Batwoman thrived. Even though the third season Javicia Leslie-led show was its best yet, it didn’t save from cancellation.

What Is the Story of This TV Show?

The CW network airs the show Batwoman which stars Javicia Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Victoria Cartagena, Robin Givens and Nick Creegan. The show is based on a DC Comics character and initially focused on Gotham City’s new vigilante- in training Kate Kane (Ruby Rose).


Kate vanished, and Ryan Wilder (Leslie) found her Batsuit and took up the mantle. In season three, Ryan works to protect Gotham’s underserved communities, and she and the Bat Team are tasked with locating Batman’s scattered trophies — a collection of objects seized from Gotham’s most infamous villains — before they fall into the hands of evildoers. Ryan is also dealing with Alice’s (Skarsten) revelation that her birth mother is still alive.

Why did they stop making Batwoman?

So, what was the reason for Batwoman’s cancellation? Was it because of low ratings? Issues with the cast? So, what was the cause of Batwoman’s cancellation? If you’re a CW junkie, you’ll know that answer is “none of the above,” since The CW is notorious for renewing the vast majority if not all of its shows. A sequence of bad luck pushed Batwoman beyond its grasp.

With the sale of The CW looming, the network was forced to make difficult decisions, canceling half of its programming. The irony is that consistent DC performers like Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were willing to accompany the network into its new era, but were reportedly prevented from doing so by Warner Bros.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW intended to renew both Batwoman and Legends, thus continuing its relationship with the Arrowverse shows, but Warner “no longer wanted to pay the studio space leases.” That explains why The CW announced the cancellation of both shows before canceling any other shows on its schedule.

While the creative team did their best to prepare for the worst, with an ending so satisfying that it mostly serves as a series finale, it goes without saying that the show deserved better. Given the mountains that Javicia Leslie’s Scarlet Knight traversed, Batwoman should have aired for as long as the cast, crew, and CW desired.

How Batwoman could survive after its cancellation

Javicia Leslie and her fellow cast mates could return for guest appearances or cameos on other Arrowverse shows; however, as mentioned earlier, that universe has begun to contract quickly on screen, so these chances are slim.

This doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a fourth season of Batwoman being picked up by another platform though. HBO Max is still a potential renewal option because the streaming service is owned by Warner Bros., which also owns The CW with ViacomCBS.

Of course, that may change, and there could be some legal wrangling involved, but this is not the first time it’s happened. Following DC Universe’s demise, HBO Max gained several of its productions, including Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn. Given the strength of the DC roster, a new Batwoman season or even a single final film to conclude things should work for HBO Max.


When was Batwoman Cancelled?

March 2, 2022

How many seasons of Batwoman are there?

3 season

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