Big Mouth Season 6 Release Date: Here’s what we know so far

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When will Big Mouth Season 6 air?

The fifth season of Big Mouth is already available on Netflix, and fans have been wondering when the American adult animated sitcom will be back for its sixth season. Big Mouth includes comedy and romance. It has received a positive response from the audience throughout the five seasons.

Here’s what we know so far about Big Mouth Season 6. 

What is Big Mouth About? 

Big Mouth Season 6 Release Date

Big Mouth is an American adult animated coming-of-age sitcom created by Andrew Goldberg for Netflix.

The show follows the story of teens based on Kroll and Goldberg’s upbringing in suburban New York, with Kroll voicing his fictional younger self. Big Mouth explores puberty while embracing the frankness of the human body and s*x.

The first season of the series consisted of ten episodes that premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2017. Meanwhile, season 2 was released on October 5, 2018, and season 3 on October 4, 2019. The fourth season was released on December 4, 2020, and the fifth was released on November 5, 2021.

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Now fans have been waiting for the sixth season of Big Mouth to come. 

Big Mouth Season 6 Release Date 

Fortunately, Big Mouth Season 6 is confirmed to air. The series was renewed by Netflix back in 2019 for six seasons. 

Since the show is confirmed for another installment, we have to wait for an update regarding its official release date. Still, we know for sure that the raunchy coming-of-age animated comedy series will be back on the streaming platform for season 6 this 2022. 

We can assume that Big Mouth Season 6 will air mid of 2022 based on the timeline of the previous season. Let’s lookout for it! 

Big Mouth Season 6 Cast 

Although we do not have the exact and official details yet coming from Netflix about the cast of Big Mouth Season 6, it is safe to assume that the cast and characters from Season 5 will be returning for their respective roles.

Big Mouth Season 6 Release Date

Among them are:

  • Nick Kroll as Nicholas Arsenio 
  • John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman
  • Jessi Klein as Jessica Cobain – Jessi – Glaser
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jayzerian Ricflairian – Jay – Bilzerian
  • Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch
  • Andrew Rannells as Matthew MacDill
  • Paula Pell as Barbara Glouberman
  • Richard Kind as Marty Glouberman
  • Seth Morris as Greg Glaser
  • Jessica Chaffin as Shannon Glaser
  • June Diane Raphael as Devin LeSeven
  • Jak Knight as DeVon
  • Gina Rodriguez as Gina Alvarez
  • Neil Casey as Lars
  • Joe Wengert as Caleb
  • Fran Gilesspie as Samira
  • Jon Daly as Judd Birch
  • Mark Duplass as Val Bilzerian

Big Mouth Season 6 Expected Plot

We have yet to wait for the official announcement coming from Netflix regarding the plot of Big Mouth Season 6. 

Based on what had happened during the 5th season, Nick already had finally realized that all the monsters and bugs are his part only. Missy also was able to manage and evade her hate worm. Jay has finally chosen between Matt and Lola.

We can expect more of their realizations as they grow older and experience more things in the next season and how they will resolve their questions and doubts.

Official Plot of Big Mouth 

Big Mouth follows a group of teenage 7th graders as they navigate their way through puberty with struggles related to the adult becoming, set in the suburbs of New York.

Throughout the series, the kids interact with people and objects who are often personified and offer helpful yet confusing advice in their puberty-filled lives, including the ghost of Duke Ellington, a French-accented Statue of Liberty, and a bar of Adderall. Throughout the five seasons, they seek out their destiny while puberty destroys them mentally and physically.

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