Tiktok Star Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral – And the fans absolutely loved it!

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Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral: Fans are gushing over the viral video of Brittany Broski and Harry Styles meet-up during the star’s One Night Only concert in New York City. 

Many fans have shared the video over the internet, and they are just as happy as Brittany for meeting (and even hugging) the one and only Harry Styles!

Let’s learn more about the latest Harry Styles News and how Broski felt meeting her celebrity idol. Keep reading!

Who is Brittany Broski? – A rising Tiktok Star 

Tiktok Star Brittany Broski Meeting Harry Styles Goes Viral - And The Fans Absolutely Loved It!

Tiktok star Brittany Broski, also known as ‘Kombucha girl’, became famous on Tiktok back in 2019 for her viral reaction video on trying kombucha for the first time.

Aside from being a singer, she is also a comedy influencer who is now known for her meme-able reactions that has become viral over the internet. As of April 2022, she has over 6.8 million followers and over 300 Million likes on her Tiktok account @brittany_broski.

Broski has been a diehard Styles fan, even before becoming a Tiktok sensation, which is why the video of Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral. 

As It Was Singer – Harry Styles 

The person Broski and many fans are gushing over is Harry Edward Styles. He began his career as a solo contestant on the X Factor and was later asked to join the boy band group One Direction. 

Brittany Broski Meeting Harry Styles Goes Vira

Since then, he has become one of the most known singers and actors, making a name for himself even after the One Direction had an indefinite hiatus back in 2016. 

Harry Styles held his “One Night Only” concert in New York and that’s where the famous video of Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral.

Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral – A wholesome video! 

Earlier this week, a viral video of Tiktok star Broski meeting Harry in the recent “One Night Only” concert in New York went all over the internet, and the Stylers loved it!

According to Broski, the team Harry Styles slipped into her DMs for an exclusive invite to the concert. Although she was already happy to be there and support the “As it Was” star, she didn’t expect that she would get to meet Harry! W

Isn’t this the dream every Styler would want? After meeting Harry, Brittany also posted photos of her crying and captioned it “aftermath.”

Brittany Broski Meeting Harry Styles Goes Vira

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The Instagram account HQHQ was the one that was able to capture the moment. And the video quickly went viral as it shows their love of Brittany for Styles which resonates with all Stylers. Fans loved it, and they feel happy for her!

Britney and Harry Meet! 

In the video, you can see Broski opening a door backstage and being stunned to see Styles standing in the other direction. In her disbelief, she ran to the other part of the room while saying, “Are you kidding?” and later hugged the artist, saying, “Is that Harry?”

You can see how shocked she was to see the man of every girl’s dream and wanted to make sure it was THE HARRY STYLES. Styles gave her a big hug and thanked her for attending the concert.

Check out the video of Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral here! 


The video of Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral confirms that even if one is already an influencer herself, no amount of followers will do if you get to meet your ultimate favorite. 

Why do you think the video of Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles goes viral? Let us know what you think!

This is just one of the very few Harry Styles viral updates. To get to know more so keep updated! 

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