Burden of Truth Season 5 Updates: Everything We Need To Know

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The Burden of Truth is a Canadian drama series that was released on January 10, 2018, on CBC. It received a lot of good reviews that fans can’t wait for Burden of Truth Season 5, to come.

The Burden of Truth Season 5 Release Date

CBC has not yet announced the official release date for Season 5. This does not mean that the series has been canceled, but the show may be on a break and needs more time to improve.

What is Burden of Truth Season 5 all about?

In the previous seasons, Joanna Hanley encountered this odd case in which a group of girls started to suffer from an unknown illness. This case she is currently studying came from her client’s long-lost daughter, which she made provision for the safety and legal rights of the persons involved. She is pressed for a while to gather evidence and investigations to charge her dismissed case before the end of the hearing. This will bring another hope and confrontation with her legal team.

Burden Of Truth Season 5

Billy’s real investigation has gotten into time on the other side of the story. He and Joanna were moving along the way since their client’s missing daughter’s reappearance has been a big question. This allowed Joanna to reopen the lawsuit once again. They continued their investigation. One of the characters, Luna, attempted to link the drug trafficking and mine. Fortunately, Billy has received this unexpected assistance during his search and investigation for his new client. Joanna and Billy dive deeper into the case and discover this shocking truth.

Burden Of Truth Season 5

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Even though there are speculations that fans are anticipating there will no longer be a Season 5, the Representatives from ICF Films and Eagle Vision stated that it did not get canceled. It is still an ongoing project to provide the excellent flow of the story from the previous episodes. But who knows right now whether or not Season 5 will air. We expect this to happen since the story creates an investigative flow of domain for everyone without knowing the real issue behind the unsolved case. Find out more and watch for the updates for more details, and unleash your inner detective side to justify the legal world.

The burden of Truth Season 5 Cast and Characters

Below are the main characters who will portray on the upcoming Season 5

  • Peter Mooney – plays the role of Billy Crawford, an actor, and writer known for Camelot, The Prodigy, and Rookie Blue.
  • Kristin Kreuk – plays the part of Joanna Chang, born in Vancouver, and her first professional work was in Edgemont, a teen drama series aired on CBC.
  • Meegwun Fairbrother – plays the role of Owen Beckbie; he grew up with a simple life and enjoys hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. His big break was on APTN’s Mohawk Girls as Butterhead.
  • Star Slade – plays the role of Luna Spence, a Vietnamese and Metis decent actress.

Burden Of Truth Season 5

Watch out for more characters:

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