Chicago PD Season 10 Release Date and Latest Update

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The crime drama series Chicago PD has been a crowd favorite since its release in the year 2014. The show has had 9 successful seasons full of exciting police work, action, crime and plenty of drama.

The show revolves around the fictional 21st District patrol officers and the Chicago Police Intelligence Unit and how they solve crimes on a daily basis. Season 9 left the audience with a lot of unanswered questions and the eager fans are waiting as the show has been officially renewed for a new season that will be released soon.

Are they making season 10 of Chicago PD?

The Chicago PD Season 10 release date was announced a while ago and the show will air soon on the TV network NBC. Later in this article, we’ll learn about Chicago PD Season 10’s plot, episodes, spoilers, the cast, and more.

Chicago Pd Season 10

The action-filled crime drama Chicago PD was originally released in the year 2014 and was created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead. So far, the show has had 9 seasons and a total of 186 episodes. The show’s production companies include: Wolf entertainment and universal television.

Chicago PD Season 10, like its predecessors, is distributed by NBC Universal Distribution. The upcoming season will pick up where Season 9 left off and will hopefully reveal the answers to the questions the audience has had from previous seasons. The Chicago PD Season 10 release date was officially revealed a while ago and the show will be released on the famous TV network NBC on September 21, 2022.

Chicago PD Season 10 Release Date

The release date of Chicago PD season 10 was officially announced a while ago and the show will be available for the public to watch on September 21, 2022. Chicago PD season 10 streaming like its predecessors will take place on the famous TV network NBC.

The Chicago PD Season 10 plot revolves around the show’s main characters, while revealing all the unanswered questions from the previous seasons. Next season, the public will most likely see the consequences of Anna’s death.


The public will also find out if Atwater will manage to mend his relationship with Celeste and much more. New characters will likely be introduced as well, which will be refreshing for the show’s storyline. Not much has been released about the new season’s plot yet, but it’s still a long awaited one.

Chicago Pd Season 10 Release Date And Latest Update On Nbc Drama Series

Chicago PD Season 10 Expected Cast

The famous cast of the crime drama Chicago PD features some talented actors and they are listed below

• Jason Beghe who plays the character Sergeant Henry “Hank” Voight.

Jon Seda who plays the character of Antonio Dawson.

• Sophia Bush playing Erin Lindsay’s character.

• Jesse Lee Soffer who plays the character Jay Halstead.

• Patrick John Flueger playing the character Adam Ruzek

• Marina Squerciati playing Kim Burgess’ character

• LaRoyce Hawkins playing Kevin Atwater’s character

• Archie Kao who plays the character of Sheldon Jin.

• Elias Koteas playing Alvin Olinsky’s character

• Amy Morton playing the character Trudy Platt.

• Brian Geraghty playing Sean Roman’s character

• Tracy Spiridakos playing Hailey Upton Halstead’s character

• Lisseth Chavez playing the character of Vanessa Rojas

• Samuel Caleb Hunt playing the character of Greg “Mouse” Gerwitz. plays

• Stella Maeve playing Nadia Decotis’ character

• Barbara Eve Harris playing the character Emma Crowley

• Kevin J. O’Connor playing Commander Fischer’s character

• Robert Wisdom playing Commander Ron Perry’s character

• Josh Segarra playing Justin Voight’s character

The actors returning in the new season include Amy Morton, Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer, LaRoyce Hawkins, Marina Squerciati, Patrick John Flueger, Tracy Spiridakos and more, but as of now, here’s what is known about Chicago PD season 10 cast.

The Social Media Conversation About Chicago PD Season 10

The Chicago PD Season 10 announcement has fans expressing their excitement on social media platforms. the show has an official page on Twitter with the handle “@NBCChicagoPD” and an official Instagram page with the handle “nbcchicagopd”, which updates the public with news related to the show.

The fans shared how they’ve become addicted to the show since its release and are grateful that a new season is coming. Fans also hope for more crossover episodes and anticipate the fallout after Anna’s death.

The fans also expressed that they would like to see Officer Torres as a regular series and that it is sad that Anna is no longer part of the show. All in all, the fans are eagerly looking forward to this new season.

What to expect from Chicago PD Season 10?

Since the previous seasons have received quite a bit of success and appreciation, it is only fair that we expect good things from this new season as well. the show picks up where the previous season left off and a lot of good content can be expected from it.

The public can expect the new dynamic between Voight and Upton after Anna’s death, as Anna’s death was tragic and Voight feels responsible for the same. A lot of things can change, and the introduction of new characters is likely to put a refreshing spin on the show’s plot. One thing can be guaranteed and that is that season 10 of Chicago PD is sure to have plenty of action and compelling crime drama.


Are there any trailers for Chicago PD Season 10?

The Chicago PD Season 10 trailer hasn’t been officially released yet, but there’s a link to a fan-made trailer below that gives us updates on the new season.

YouTube video

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