Cooku with Comali Season 3 back with new season!

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Cooku with Comali Season 3 is back with more awesome contestants and comalis. This hit show from Vijay TV was renewed for the new season. This is following the success of two seasons, the creators of the show announced that fans could expect a new season with a new set of contestants. The two known judges, Chef Damodharan and Chef Venkatesh Bhat will be back for the new season.

Game Overview

The show is divided into two tasks. These tasks will be done by celebrity chef and their choice of Comalis. They will both work together to get through these two tasks. The groups contend in Advantage Task 1 and Task 2. The groups then contend in Main Task and Immunity/Elimination Task. The Advantage task includes a simple task wherein the group if they win will be given a benefit during the primary task where the group can pick a time span to work with practically a boost up for the main task.

During the Main assignment, each group is given a test or a disadvantage that will make the cooking harder. The groups are given a particular time limit where they should cook within that time span. Most of the cooking assignments are to be finished by Comalis. The cook that gets Immunity is protected from the following week’s elimination and doesn’t take part in that week. Some weeks there will be no elimination round happening.

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Cooku with Comali Season 3

Cooku With Comali 3 Overview

Show Name Cooku With Comali (2022)
Season 3
Channel Vijay TV and Disney+ Hotstar
Produced By Media Masons
Release Date 22nd January 2022
Telecast Time Sat-Sun at 9:30 PM

Season 3 Celebrity Contestants

Season 3 Celebrity Contestants

Contestant Number Contestant Name Status
1 Ammu Abirami Competing
2 Anthony Daasan Competing
3 Darshan Competing
4 Grace Karunas Competing
5 Manobala Mahadevan Competing
6 Roshni Haripriyan Competing
7 Santhosh Prathap Competing
8 Shrutika Arjun Competing
9 Vidyullekha Raman Competing
10 Rahul Thatha Eliminated In Episode 8


Season 3 Coomalis Contestants

Contestant Number Contestant Name
1 Pugazh
2 Bala
3 Sivaangi Krishnakumar
4 Sunita Gogoi
5 Manimegalai
6 Sakthi Raj
7 Mohamed Kuraishi
8 Adhirchi Arun
9 Mookuthi Murugan
10 Bharat K Rajesh
11 Sheethal Clarin

Season 3 Episode Overview

Season 3 Episode Overview

The show premiered last January 22, 2022. The show has aired 12 episodes so far and is still ongoing.

Episode Number Episode Name Episode Summary
1 The Grand Opening This famous Tamil reality cooking show is back on the air with new set contestants and celebrity cooks.
2 A Complete Entertainer This episode continues to introduce new contestants with some fun and challenging task presented to them.
3 An Innovative Fun Task The top contestants face each other for a new task.
4 Cooking with the Chair Continues A new task, Aadalum Paadalum, that the contestants need to tackle was presented in this episode.
5 Suruku Pai Challenge The judges present a new challenge in the advantage task. Find out who will gain the upper hand in the next round.
6 Smile with All Fresh Recipes A contestant gets eliminated from the main cook-off
7 All New Fun and Recipes The Coomalis show their makeovers to other contestants.
8 A Fun and Challenging Task Cooks get paired up with Coomalis as they are presented with a new task
9 No Judgement Week! Cooks got a new theme to get inspiration for their dishes.
10 A Laughter Riot Contestants face off with new recipes presented in the challenges
11 Get-up Round Is On Air
12 The Celebration Week The contestants enjoy a new challenge and got the news that no elimination will be happening for the week.

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Trailer of Cooku with Comali

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