Could Chris Pratt Be Ready To Step Into Zachary Levi’s Shoes in Shazam?

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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The actor Chris Pratt is replacing the actor Zachary Levi as Shazam. In the big business of Hollywood, where entertainment is the most prioritized thing, we have seen how actors generally deal with many such things.

Everything is counted in this business, whether it is related to certain characters or specific roles. Sometimes it is associated with the whole film or series that become part of the controversy and gets postponed, while other times, it is so that characters or actors become part of such controversy.

The same happened with the actor Zachary Levi who gave a controversial remark about Pfizer that led him to lose the role of Shazam. Indeed, all the waves of controversy will not let the actor fade away soon. The camp has been totally on the many currents ever since James Gunn and Peter came with the leader of DCEU.

Will we see Chris Pratt as Shazam?

Could Chris Pratt Be Ready To Step Into Zachary Levi'S Shoes In Shazam?

After gaining the chair, James and Chris Pratt do many shufflings that lead to the exit of certain actors and characters from the franchise. One such is Shazam and actor Zachary Levi. As the actor has lost this role, another famous actor in Hollywood named Chris Pratt is now in talks about entering this space.

Shazam is slowly and gradually moving towards the release of its instalment. It is not the first time such a thing has covered the company. It was recently when Gal Gadot made her last appearance as wonder woman.

All these things are related to Zachary Levi’s remark on distrust in the Pfizer vaccine. This led to many conversations reaching the last doors of DCEU.

Instead of taking everything very lightly, James decided to take it seriously, thus firing Zachary Levi. Coming to Chris Pratt getting the space, then it has not been confirmed by the makers or even the actor himself. It started with the fan art where Chris was shown as Shazam; fans liked that.

Chris Pratt is already distributed a lot to the superhero category with a film called Guardians Of The Galaxy. It is not just one part but two parts coming under the Marvel franchise that has resulted in a huge success.

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