Crip Mac Net Worth 2022: Career & Interesting Facts to Know

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Fans are curious about Crip Mac Net Worth after his video became trending on the internet. Crip Mac is a well-known rapper and does most of his releases via Youtube. Get a hold of the details on Crip Mac Net Worth, personal life, and some interesting facts about him as you continue reading. 

Who is Crip Mac? 

Crip Mac is a 29-year-old rapper born on 28 February 1993. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles, CA.

The rapper keeps his fans entertained by releasing his songs mainly on YouTube. After releasing his famous rap tunes like This 55th Street, Big Amount, Hammer Time, No Fair, and Trenches, he became a notable name in the music business. 

Crip Mac Net Worth

Unfortunately, little information is known about Crip Mac’s family and personal background.

Just recently, he was jumped by his homies, and the video went viral because he was seen to be covered with blood and it made fans curious and concerned about what happened. 

Until now, there are still no updates from Crip Mac on what really happened, but he made sure to his fans that he is doing okay now and that there are no significant injuries. 

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How Does Crip Mac Make His Money?

As mentioned, Crip Mac became well known and is put in the limelight because of her music and rap tunes that are uploaded on Youtube. This is his primary source of income. 

Just this year, he launched his debut album titled 5Mous, which included 14 songs and is also available on Spotify for listeners to stream. When listeners stream his music on Spotify, he can earn $3 to $5 per 1,000 streams.

Crip Mac Net Worth

According to data, Crip Mac has 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, which is already a lot for a rookie rapper, so he is making a lot of money through this. 

The rapper has also made some income through interviews and social media presence. He has gotten some brand deals and sponsorships, which are factors in Crip Mac Net Worth. 

Aside from being a full-time rapper, he also established his own clothing company in 2021 called the Ratfood clothing company. 

What is Crip Mac Net Worth?

After the video of Crip Mac trended on social media, fans got curious about him and Crip Mac Net Worth. 

Crip Mac Net Worth is estimated at over $1 million as of this writing. Some sources claim that he is worth much more than that, while others claim he is worth less. Whatever the case, Crip Mac Net Worth is massive, all thanks to his rap career.

Interesting Facts About Crip Mac

Now that everyone has an idea of Crip Mac Net Worth let’s get to know the rapper more by checking out some interesting facts about him. 

How Crip Mac Got Into Music

According to Crip Mac, his first plan was not to be in the music industry but instead wanted to be a sportsman. However, when he was in jail, he got influenced by Snoop Dogg’s music and became interested with music.

After being interested in music, he uploaded a video on Youtube and went viral for the first time while still in prison. The video was a diss track he recorded in his cell in 2017 aimed at Cardi B. 

When he was released from jail, he started posting videos with his cat on YouTube, and people started noticing him more. He was invited to a lot of interviews and gained a lot of subscribers. 

Crip Mac Was Diagnosed with Schizophrenia 

Behind Crip Mac Net Worth and success is some hardship he has gone through.

According to him, he was diagnosed with a mental illness called schizophrenia in his teenage years. He explained further in a video that his condition makes him hear voices and triggers his bipolar disorder and anger issues. 

Crip Mac Lost A Tooth In Jail

Crip Mac Net Worth

As mentioned, Crip Mac spent jail time before he became famous for his rap music. 

He has much space between his front teeth because he lost them during a fight in jail.


So, what do you think about Crip Mac’s net worth? You can always check out the rapper’s music on YouTube if you are more than curious.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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