Dragon Ball Universe Is a Popular Anime To Watch. A Step-By-Step Guide To Ordering a Watch

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Looking for a new anime to watch? Dragon Ball Universe is an exciting new series that features the most iconic moments from the original Dragon Ball series. The show follows Goku and his friends as they face off against powerful enemies, including Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and more! You can now enjoy this amazing show in English on Toonami Asia! Watch episodes live or stream them anytime you want. It’s never been easier to get your fix of Dragon Ball action. Click here to start watching right away!

Dragon Ball Universe Animated Series

The Dragon Ball franchise is popular among anime fans of all ages. The timeless action of Dragon Ball has a vintage component in every aspect, from its bright colors to classic fight sequences.

However, the newest seasons contain fresh animation while keeping to the original character designs and are still able to captivate the audience.

The Dragon Ball anime has five seasons and a total of 807 episodes. Collect the scans of Dragon Ball Super episodes. These enormous amounts of episodes cover Goku’s story, from his youth to when he trains to get stronger in order to discover the wish-fulfilling seven Dragon Balls on his quest.

The series has established itself as an anime icon, and whether you’re a fan of it for nostalgia’s sake or if you’ve never seen it before, the storyline will keep you intrigued until the end.

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Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Dragon Ball (1986)
  • Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996)
  • Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009-2011)
  • Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018)

II. Movies

  • The Adventure of Link (1990) -> Dragon Ball- Curse of the Blood Rubies
  • Her final adventure ended in failure when she fell asleep after rescuing the “Sleeping Princess.” – Dragon Ball Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987)
  • Mystical Adventure (1988)
  • Dead Zone (1989)
  • The World’s Strongest Dragon Ball Z (1990)
  • The Tree of Might, also known as Dragon Ball Z- The Tree of Might (1990)
  • Lord Slug is the original Japanese title for Dragon Ball Z (1990).
  • Cooler’s Revenge (1991)
  • The Return of Cooler (1992)
  • Super Android 13 is about to be unleashed! (1992)
  • Dragon Ball Z – Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)
  • Bojack Unbound (1993) is the Dragon Ball Z episode in which Bojack’s father, Vados, causes trouble for him after she destroys his house.
  • 1995) actually aired the first part of the three-part Dragon Ball Z movie, “Broly – Second Coming.”
  • Bio-Broly is the first Dragon Ball Z film to be dubbed in English.
  • Fusion Reborn (1995)
  • Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
  • Dragon Ball – The Path to Power (1996)
  • Battle of Gods is the twenty-first Dragon Ball Z anime created by Kami Toyama. It aired between April 30 and May 27, 2013 on Fuji TV in Japan.
  • Resurrection ‘F’ is the twenty-first Dragon Ball Z film, and it’s a followup to Battle of Gods (2013).
  • Broly is entitled Dragon Ball Super-Broly.


  • Dragon Ball Z- Atsumare! Gokuu World (1992)
  • Gintama- The Movie (2006)
  • Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans OVA Remake (2010)

IV. Specials

  • Dragon Ball Specials (1988)
  • Dragon Ball Z Special 1. Bardock, the Father of Goku (1990)
  • The History of Trunks (2010) form the basis for the summer vacation special.
  • Dragon Ball Z Special 2 – The History of Trunks (1993)
  • What if you could go back in time to when Dragon Ball was first airing to see what it looked like? We’ll relive the moment with this one-hour special, which pulls together clips from throughout the series.
  • Dragon Ball GT – A Hero’s Legacy (1997)
  • Dragon Ball – Yo! The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!! (2008)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai- Bring a peaceful future to the world! Goku’s spirit will endure eternally (2011)
  • The Movie – Bardock’s Story (2011)
  • Broly Skytree Super

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Z

Vegito Dragon Ball Z Animated Series

Chronological Order

  • Dragon Ball
  • Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
  • Princess Bulma finds herself in a Japanese anime, which she can’t seem to escape.
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 1- 86)
  • Bardock, The Father of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 87-107)
  • The Dragon Ball- Episode of Bardock
  • “The World’s Strongest Dragon Ball Z”
  • The Saga Continues! The Trunks of the Future!
  • Lord Slug of the Dragon Ball Z universe
  • [[Dragon Ball Z- Dead Zone]]
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 108-123)
  • The History of Trunks in the Dragon Ball Z Special Series 2
  • The saga of the Dragon Ball Z anime starts.
  • Cooler’s Revenge in Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Z (episodes 126-146)
  • Come on, it’s time for a new Dragon Ball Z episode! It’s the BIGGEST DBS SONG EVER! The title screen comes up. SUPER AMULET IS BACK TO TACTICON!!! Android 13 has been resurrected as SUPER Android 13 in the latest Dragon Ball Z anime series!
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 146-173)
  • Cooler, the Ninja Turtle of the Dragon Ball franchise, makes his return in this film.
  • Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • ” Goku vs. Vegeta Final Match, Conclusion of the First Round! The End of the Tournament? Or Will There Be a Third
  • Bojack Unbound
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 194-207)
  • The second coming of Broly appeared in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 207-250)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 250-253)
  • Fusion Reborn in Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 253-288)
  • Wrath of the Dragon
  • Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 288-291)
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • The Dragon Ball Saga is a collection of Saiyan-focused sagas, which began with the tale of Goku and Raditz’ origin in Dragon Ball.
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • The Z-Fighters Prepare to Take Down the Saiyans The Saiyan Plan to Destroy Themselves
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 1 – 3)
  • Battle of Gods is a 2015 American live action film based on the Dragon Ball Z anime.
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 4-18)
  • Resurrection ‘F’
  • Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 19 to 131)
  • Super Saiyan 4 – Skytree Super Dragon Ball Z.
  • In the Dragon Ball Super film, Broly appears.

    How Long Will It Take You To Watch Dragon Ball?

    It will take you 276 hours and 18 minutes if you’re motivated.) Dragon Ball Super has been dubbed as the “funniest”. This American sci-fi fantasy drama series is based on Dragon Ball, a Japanese manga by Akira Toriyama. In fact, fans may watch all of the installments in less than one month!

    All of the television programs, films, OVAs, and specials are included.

    The complete list of installments and their running times may be found below.

    • Dragon Ball- 5 hours 31 minutes
    • 96 hours is how long Dragon Ball Z lasts.
    • To see the end of Dragon Ball GT, invest 22 hours and 24 minutes.
    • The entire series of Dragon Ball Z is 39 hours and 9 minutes.
    • The Dragon Ball Super series is a 51-episode anime that adapts Dragon Ball Z.
    • 36 hours of DVDs and Blu-rays

    In liters, 748 is a common running time for this pattern.

    About Dragon Ball

    The Dragon Ball Z anime series is produced by Toei Animation in Japan.

    The sequel to Dragon Ball is known as Dragon Ball Z. The sequel to the Dragon Ball anime TV series, which premiered in Japan on Fuji TV and other channels in 2015. The continuation was published by Shueisha in 2016, running for roughly 325 chapters.

    Dragon Ball Z chronicles the adult Goku’s conflict with an array of bad guys ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally strong androids, and nearly indestructible magical creatures as he protects the earth against them.

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Fans should follow the chronological order to revisit the Dragon Ball series. If you’re unfamiliar with the series or are not prepared to put in much effort for a re-watch, there’s no need to follow all of these!

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