Everything We Need To Know About The Upshaws Season 2

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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With a lot of good reviews from Season 1, The Upshaws is said to release its second franchise this year.

The Upshaw is a comedy sitcom that centers around an African American family who struggles with money, relationship, and betrayal. Its first season debuted May 12 on Netflix and although we don’t have any definite date yet, there is speculation that The Upshaws Season 2 will happen possibly late in spring.

The cast consists of Mike Epp played by Bennie Upshaw, his on-screen wife, Regina Upshaw, played by Kim Fields, their four children played by  Jermelle Simon (Bernard), Diamond Lyons (Kelvin Upshaw), Journey Christine (Maya Upshaw), and Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins(Aaliyah Upshaw). Of course, it will not be complete without Wanda Sykes (Lucretia), Page Kennedy (Duck), and Gabrielle Dennis (Tasha).

Created by none other than Regina Hicks and Wanda Sykes. Sykes is known for her comedic personality that landed her on multiple stand-up comedy specials on Netflix. Hicks is known for her popular produced shows such as Sister Sister and Girlfriends.

What to expect from The Upshaws Season 2?

In season 1, Regina and Bennie’s relationship went downhill due to financial issues and Bennie being an irresponsible husband and father.

But no matter how messed up Bennie is, they seem to always get back together. Regina thought everything will be better and that their relationship will be saved again but no, an unknown little girl came into their life out of nowhere and claimed Bennie to be his biological father.

The Upshaws Season 2

In season 2, we are waiting to see how Bennie will resolve this new issue that is threatening his marriage. Although his affair with Tasha happened when he and his wife were on a break, it is still taking a toll on his wife. Will Regina be able to accept her husband’s mistake this time? The Upshaws Season 2 will surely bring more comedy and drama to its viewers as it reveals a more complicated side of their family.

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Another good thing to look forward to is the fact that compared to its previous season which had 10 episodes, this next season will have a total of 16 episodes. That is 6 more episodes full of laughter and drama!

After the renewal was officially announced on June 2022 by one of the popular streaming platforms, Netflix, Wanda Skyes shared it with her fans by posting it on her Instagram account and it is safe to say that her fans are thrilled to know The Upshaws Season 2 is finally happening!

“Wanda and Regina have created a fresh entry in the tradition of Black sitcoms that are real, relatable, full of heart, and incredibly funny,” Tracey Pakosta, Netflix’s Head of Comedy, said in a statement via Deadline.

Hicks also shared her excitement after finding out that Netflix had given the go signal for their show to have its renewal on their platform and that is looking forward to bringing more joy to their viewers and supporters. The Upshaws Season 2 will surely be a hit just like its first season and fans can’t wait to watch their favorite show.

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