The father of four California children is being held in connection with the slaying of their grandmother

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Charles kenny
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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that the father of four children, including an infant, and their grandmother were found shot to death in a Southern California home and that he had been arrested on suspicion of killing them.

Lancaster, a city in the high desert Antelope Valley north of Los Angeles, is where the victims were found Sunday night.

It was the mother of the deceased children who discovered the bodies and called 911, Lt. Brandon Dean said in a phone interview with the AP.

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First responders’ flashing lights woke up Grace Beltran and her son Gerard, who was sleeping in the next house over. Grace Beltran said she heard a woman yelling, “My babies are gone!” as she ran back and forth in their front yard. All of them have died!

The children’s father, Germarcus David, 29, turned himself into Lancaster sheriff’s deputies within minutes of the mother’s arrival, Dean said.

After an interview with investigators, David was taken into custody and held on $2 million bails.

Nobody knew if David had an attorney who could represent him. On Tuesday, he was scheduled to appear in court for the first time.

At the scene, paramedics pronounced the grandmother, a girl and three boys dead from gunshot wounds to the upper body. Waki Jones, who worked with the family through his Lancaster daycare service, told the Los Angeles Times that the two eldest children were Amaya, 12, and Demarcus, 9, who were the oldest of the family.

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In the mornings, Amaya’s mother would say to her, “Say good morning to coach,” Jones said, referring to him. As a child, “she was always concerned about the safety of her younger brother at school.”
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It’s cowardly of you to do this to your children. Incredibly, he told the New York Times.

Other victims included an infant and a child under the age of 12, as well as a woman in her 50s.

Dean said that the family’s grandmother had been babysitting for them, even though she didn’t live there. According to him, he had no prior knowledge of any incidents of domestic violence at the residence.

However, David was a licenced guard and had an expired permit to carry a gun, according to the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, which regulates the private security industry in California.

The Facebook page that appeared to be David’s includes a picture of a crucifix, and his posts from late October and early this month discuss his spiritual and moral beliefs.

In a Nov. 16 post, David wrote, “Just know that God loves you when you feel unloved for.”

On Nov. 14, he wrote: “The devil wouldn’t be attacking you so hard if there wasn’t something valuable inside of you. ” Empty houses aren’t targets for burglars.

The murders took place in a well-kept neighbourhood, some of which had been decorated for the holidays. The street where the victims were shot was sealed off by crime scene tape.

During the course of Monday, investigators walked around the single-storey grey house on the corner. Residents watched as coroner’s workers unwrapped and loaded the victims’ corpses onto a truck.

According to the Beltrans, when they went outside to water their plants in the late afternoons of the summer, they saw the kids riding bicycles around the neighbourhood with a dog. The children would greet the neighbours, but they would not engage in conversation. Occasionally, a woman with a stroller would pass by.

Grace Beltran said, “They seemed like a happy family.”

Grace Beltran said she was still in a state of shock more than 12 hours later.

“Nothing like that happens here,” she replied. “It’s so upsetting,” he said.

The only time Gerard Beltran saw David was as he left his car.

In the neighbourhood, Donnel Murray said he often saw the grandmother outside while he was riding his ATV. He was never able to see her grandchildren. According to Murry, the woman would wave at him and have recently inquired about his ATV, during which time she also brought up the subject of a grandson.

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In the wake of the tragedy, James Martin, a 32-year-old neighbour, said the deaths had broken him.

It’s a mystery to him, he said. “I understand that things can be difficult, but it’s never worth it to kill anyone.”

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